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"Come With Me If You Want To Live"

By Wyatt Earp | June 21, 2005

I doubt that the premise from The Terminator will ever come to fruition. Why? Because computers (and especially e-mail servers) suck rocks. I was working in the Operations Room last night and decided to write today’s post on the computer there. I cut and pasted it into an e-mail, which I forwarded home. My shift was done at 6am, and I was online by 6:30. I checked my e-mail for the post, and . . . nuthin’. The damned e-mail wasn’t there. I have been checking every five minutes or so since then with negative results. (It’s a wonder I haven’t put a 9mm slug in my monitor by now.)

I am sure that the second I post this drivel, my e-mail will magically appear. Why? Because God hates me, that’s why. I have to work tonight – the last night before two delicious weeks of vacation – so I’m going to bed. I’ll check the e-mail again when I wake up at 5pm. Hopefully, the post will be there.

Otherwise, I’m gonna lose it!

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