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The Hawk Will Never Die

Hawkeye Jeremy RennerWhile I enjoyed the Avengers movie – and Scarlett Johansson’s delicious little body – I thought Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner, above) was wasted in the film. Apparently, that’s going to change.

It “was important in the characters you haven’t seen [since the first Avengers movie] — Hulk being one of them and Hawkeye being one of them — [that] Ultron will make up for it,” he said. “They have very big parts in Age of Ultron.”

That can only come as good news to fans of Hawkeye, who has the unfortunate status of having appeared in two Marvel movies without ever having really played a decisive role yet. His Thor appearance was little more than a cameo, and in Avengers, he was alternately mind-controlled and then running interference for the other heroes during the battle of New York. Avengers: Age of Ultron is due for release May 1, 2015.

The Hulk point is a valid one; he wasn’t used well, either. Of course, I’d be perfectly content to sit and watch two and a half hours of Black Widow, so don’t go by me.

Better Than A Royale With Cheese

Pulp Fiction Childrens BookAn artist has unveiled illustrations depicting classic films as children’s books. The works are, in a word, outstanding.

Pixar artist Josh Cooley has taken some iconic scenes from movies that are very much not for children and re-imagined them as childrens’ book illustrations.

You can buy the images as 8″ x 5″ or 11″ x 19″ prints.

My favorite, obviously, is the Pulp Fiction scene, but there are a lot of terrific examples at Cooley’s site.

The Best Film You’ll See All Year

Marcus Luttrell And SEAL Team 10

In a year set to feature at least two superhero films, an Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, and countless dramas starring Oscar winners, it may surprise you the best film of 2014 has already debuted. That film is Lone Survivor. Captain America, Fireboat John and myself went to see the film adaptation of Marcus Luttrell’s best-selling book last night, and it more than lived up to its terrific word-of-mouth…

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Wolf Of Wall Street Gets An “F”

the-wolf-of-wall-street-2Apparently, Martin Scorsese’s new film set a record which had nothing to do with the box office receipts.

Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” is all about excess. From orgies on a plane to cocaine and cash (or “fun coupons” as Leonardo DiCaprio’s character calls them), the financial drama thrives in taking it up a notch. So it should be no surprise that Paramount’s R-rated film sets the all-time record for the use of the f-word.

According to Wikipedia, the word “f**k” is used 506 times over “The Wolf of Wall Street’s” 180-minute running time. Previously, the record for a non-documentary was Spike Lee’s 1999 film “Summer of Sam” with 435 instances.

What the f**k? This f**king film said f**k more than f**king Scarface? No f**king way!

Wild About The Bunch

The Wild Bunch

In the past few months, I have been collecting a few films on my DVR. While I consider myself a pretty big movie guy, it’s difficult to see new releases, and I am woefully ignorant of classics. On Friday night I saw Taken, with Liam Neeson. Pretty good film – not great, but good.

Last night I finally watched The Wild Bunch. It is the iconic American western.

Bunch has a fantastic cast, including William Holden – believe it or not, this is the first Holden film I’ve ever seen – Ernest Borgnine, and Warren Oates. Say what you want about Borgnine’s later work, the man was a terrific actor in his prime. The story revolves around an aging group of outlaws who yearn for one big payday before retirement, and that payday involves an army train…

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More Fun Than A Ceti Eel

The Wreath Of KhanLadies and gentlemen… I give you The Wreath of Khan.

Christmas time is here and if you haven’t decorated yet, get your Scroogeish buttocks to work. If you are a geek, more specifically a Star Trek geek, this is the best wreath that you could ever hang on your door.

Someone has taken a bunch of printed pics of Khan from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, then arranged in circle on a wreath making the Wreath of Khan (get it?). This is one of those cool ideas that only geeks will get, other people will be like, “Who is that on your wreath?”

The best part? When someone asks who your favorite actor is, you can yell, “James Caaaaan!

Venus Flypaper

Gone In 60 SecondsYears ago I did a post dealing with some of the best films you’ve never seen. It was a good conversation starter, and after Dr. Evil’s zombie tour de force yesterday, I wanted to get your mental juices flowing. Today’s topic? Flypaper movies. Originally referenced by Dave from Garfield Ridge, a flypaper movie is one you see on television – no matter if it’s just starting or in mid-scene – where you immediately sit down and watch it until the end. My go-to flypaper movie is Pulp Fiction. I could be flipping channels, stop on the final scene (the diner robbery) and I’ll watch it – even though I’ve seen the film nearly 100 times.

However, I also have some terrible films on the list. Kind of a Guilty Pleasure Flypaper Film. Gone in 60 Seconds is one of them. Yes, it has Nicolas Cage, and yes it is not exactly what people would call a great film, but I’ll sit and watch it every time… then hate myself for three days afterward. In my defense, it has decent performances from a few of my favorite actors: Will Patton, Timothy Olyphant, and Vinnie Jones.

Another GPFF is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Yeah, I know. I’m a sucker for Connery, and I really liked this film.

Apparently, I was the only one. But hey, it’s on TV once a week, so if I’m jonesing for it, I usually don’t have to wait too long. And, in fairness, Peta Wilson is smoking hot in it… so there’s that.

So, do you have any flypaper movies? Let’s hear them.

Good Night, Sweet Edna

Mrs KrabappelMarcia Wallace, the voice behind Mrs. Krabappel of The Simpsons, has passed away. She was 70 years old.

Marcia Wallace, whose laugh has been one of Hollywood’s most distinctive for over 20 years, passed away on Friday night. While many people may not recognize the veteran actress instantly, her distinctive voice has been the feature of thousands of people’s childhoods as the woman behind The Simpsons character, Edna Krabappel.

The late actress played Bart’s flawed teacher on the Fox’s animated show since the man eating and hard smoking character’s inception.

Marcia has fought breast cancer for almost 30 years after first being diagnosed in 1985, and since then has gone on to be an advocate for prevention and research, and even wrote a book about her own battle with the illness.

Wallace was fantastic because her voice was so distinctive. Who among us can you not laugh when hearing Mrs. Krabappel’s trademark laugh?

Another Terrible Loss: Rock legend Lou Reed has also passed away.

Ladies’ Night

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless

Ladies, meet Charlie Hunnam, the star of the awesome FX series Sons of Anarchy, and now the lead in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Gray.

Charlie Hunnam, the British star of the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, has shrugged off suggestions he might balk at the film’s proposed graphic sex scenes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa; biker/gun runner Jax Teller is a Brit??? When did that happen?

Hunnam, 33, said the upcoming adaptation of EL James’ bestselling “mommy porn” literary sensation, in which he will star as kinky billionaire Christian opposite Dakota Johnson’s blushing virgin Ana, would be a walk in the park when compared to shoots for Channel 4 drama Queer as Folk 14 years ago.

“You know what, I had such a baptism of fire with regards to sexuality on camera at the beginning of my career,” Hunnam told the Associated Press while promoting the season premiere of US TV series Sons of Anarchy. “I starred in the British Channel Four miniseries Queer as Folk, where I played a young, gay character, and there were some incredible, explicit sex scenes on that show. … Now I am 16 years older and more mature so I don’t anticipate them being too much of a problem. It’s like anything else, just an exciting challenge.”

Relax ladies, Charlie’s straight… and I suspect he’ll soon be all sorts of nude.