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Biden His Time Until He Misspeaks Again

By Wyatt Earp | May 24, 2009

Obama Biden 2008It has become so that you can set your watch by the stupid remarks from liberal moonbat Democrats. Of course, if you want to be synched up with the world’s most accurate atomic clock, you need to set it by Vice-President Joe Biden’s jackassery.

Sadly, the DNC’s biggest joke has gotten bigger and bigger, lo these last four months. The pinnacle of his stupid slip-ups came last week, when her revealed the whereabouts of the previously secret vice-presidential bunker. Well played, Mr. Vice-President.

Biden and his constant idiotic statements are the topics of this week’s Family Security Matters article. Here’s a sample:

Say what you want about President Obama, he sure knows how to pick a running mate. No matter how inexperienced, incompetent, or indecisive Obama may seem, he still looks like George Washington compared to his vice president, Clueless Joe Biden. In the past five months, Biden has given himself foot-in-mouth disease so often that the Center for Disease Control has declared his office a HAZMAT area. Biden’s aides have even been ordered to wear masks and shoe coverings to prevent the increasing pandemic. Of course, FEMA was also going to be placed on standby status, but in typical fashion, their phones are always off the hook.

While many of the vice president’s verbal gaffes turn out to be harmless personal embarrassments that are usually ridiculed by talk show hosts and ignored by the media, his most recent flub received a lot of attention. If the media reports are correct, Uncle Joe outdid himself this time. While Biden was speaking at the Gridiron Club dinner, he regaled everyone with the tale of the secret vice presidential bunker.

Apparently, Biden missed the part about the bunker being secret.

The only justification for such an idiotic outburst could be ignorance. Biden probably didn’t expect anyone to report his slip up. Unfortunately for Slow Joe, the story immediately made national headlines.

You can read the rest of the fun HERE.

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