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Memories and Today

By Jim | August 18, 2008

The memories I wrote about Saturday and current conditions in Florida do have a common theme.

I don’t remember the year, it had to be before 1970. We weren’t able to get the house we normally rented, but we had found one (I remember it being yellow) quite a bit closer to the boardwalk. One constant in our annual visit to the shore was an afternoon and evening in pre-casino Atlantic City. That trip always included a visit to the Steel Pier to watch the diving horses and see the variety show.

I remember the comics were the actors from “Car 54, Where Are You”, Fred Gwynn and (I don’t remember the other guy. I’ll fix this when I have time to look that up.) One of them made a joke about the storm that was on it’s way saying that the pier had broken off and was headed out to sea.

Emerging from the theater we were confronted by quite a storm. The tide had come in and water was under the boardwalk and part way up the streets that run perpendicular to the beach. Dad had to carry my sister and me to higher ground, the water much of the way to his waist. The normal 45 minute trip back to Ocean City took several hours. We had to keep finding ways that were open. Water was covering many of the roads.

All of this is just my long winded way to say that I don’t know how much I’ll be posting today and tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll see any big impact from Fay, but preparation is the key.

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One Response to “Memories and Today”

  1. RT Says:
    August 18th, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Be safe, Jim!