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The Letter Of The Week

By Wyatt Earp | May 29, 2008

My local weekly neighborhood paper, The Northeast Times, has a terrific Letters to the Editor section. Since the northeast section of Philadelphia is primarily conservative – it’s mostly cops and firefighters in this part of town – I agree with a lot of my fellow citizen’s views.

Once in a while, though, a wing nut gets through the filter. Here is an actual sample from a letter in this week’s edition. It will blow your mind:

As gas prices soar over $4 a gallon this summer, a few individuals or groups of people need to be blamed. The price of anything depends on supply and demand. When there is more of something, it costs less. So, if supply is high, prices fall. In the same respect, if demand is high, so, too, is price. So any combination of high supply and low demand will bring prices down.

Okay, everyone, we’ve got an economics scholar here. Make way, make way!

The first group responsible is an obvious one, the Bush administration. Their foreign policy has alienated us from a loose ally in Saudi Arabia. This country alone could supply more oil, lowering the price of gas.

Really? There is oil in Saudi Arabia? I never heard that before.

Look, I know that (so far) this letter is much of the same nonsense you can read on just about any website on earth. That’s not what makes this letter different. This letter is brilliant because it points the finger of blame at a group you would never expect:

The second is a group of people, who many probably do not even think about: Race car drivers like NASCAR. They use the same gas we do. They have to put gas in the trucks that transport the race cars. If NASCAR did not exist, there would automatically be less demand for gas, and therefore more of a supply. And let’s not forget the fans that expend gas traveling to these events.

Robert C. Lendzinski

Wow. I got nuthin’ folks.

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