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Guess Who’s Coming To, Um, Lunch?

By Wyatt Earp | March 29, 2008

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Old NFO yesterday. He was traveling through Philly – in an M1 Abrams, the only safe way to drive through this town – and wanted to have lunch with the area’s most successful blogger. And since , Captain America, Deathlok, -->Fitch -->, Grimjack, Mrs. Grim, RT, and Sebastian were all unavailable, he chose me. I suggested cheesesteaks, and he agreed, so we met up at Steve’s Prince of Steaks in the Northeast – about five blocks from Casa de Earp.

Despite my outgoing demeanor on the blog, I am really not a guy who likes crowds. Well, scratch that. I am really not a guy who likes people. I am especially worried when I meet fellow bloggers, because I’m afraid they’ll realize that:

1. I’m not very funny in person.
2. I’m not very interesting in person.
3. I’m not very thin in person.
4. I’m kind of a jerk in person.

Nevertheless, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet a blogger, so I showed up. When I pulled into the lot, he was standing outside, and I knew instantly that it was him. Did you ever have a picture of someone in your mind and when you meet them the picture was completely wrong? Old NFO was almost exactly as I imagined him to be. Of course, the Navy lanyard around his neck was a clue, too. I’m a big-city detective, ya know.

We made our introductions – by exchanging live chickens and the blood of a newborn calf – and went inside for lunch. Old NFO actually had the temerity to try and pay for his meal. Not in my town, bub! When he offered me some cash, I beat him senseless with a napkin dispenser. Lesson learned. Heh. Unlike that idiot John Kerry, my guest ordered a cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz – the only way to fly – instead of Swiss cheese.

We grabbed seats at the counter and talked for an hour and a half. It’s always great talking to a veteran, because they have MUCH better stories than cops. It’s even better when the veteran has a southern accent, because it sounds much better than a gravely Philly voice. We had a blast.

Bottom line: Old NFO is a terrific guy, and someone you all should meet if you have the opportunity. He was also good enough to hand me a very generous check for the Chuck Cassidy Family Memorial Fund, for which I am very grateful. It’s a shame Captain America couldn’t go: he had the sniffles. HA!

Oh, and in honor of my meeting – and previous meetings in the last year or two, I have modified my blogroll. The usual listing of “Patrol Officers” includes those bloggers I have not (yet) met. Above that is the new listing “Detectives,” which includes those bloggers I have met. They have their own blogroll because they have been “promoted” – or demoted, depending on your point of view – after meeting yours truly.

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