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A Final Tribute To Chuck Cassidy

By Wyatt Earp | November 14, 2007

Chuck’s family was at the division today. They held a press conference to thank everyone for their support during the past two weeks. You can watch the conference HERE. Trust me, you’ll want to watch this.

The Philadelphia Police Department also retired Chuck’s call sign today during a ceremony outside the press conference. 35E – a supervisor – asked radio to call Officer Chuck Cassidy, badge #2342, working RPC 35S3.

Police radio called, “35S3. Radio to 35S3.” Radio then said, “35E, there is no response from 35S3.” 35E asked for a time check. Radio responded, “35E, the time is 9:40am, November 1, 2007.” (This was Chuck’s time of death.)

35E then asked radio to notify the family of Officer Cassidy and to thank them for a job well done. 35E then broadcast this message:

“Radio, take 35S3 off the air and remove 35S3 from the board for the last time.”

There was then a moment of silence.

God bless you, Chuck. We all miss you terribly.

The family of slain Philadelphia policeman Chuck Cassidy publicly thanks everyone for their support during the ordeal of the last few weeks. Cassidy’s brother-in-law Tony Conti is speaking.

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