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By Wyatt Earp | October 28, 2007

Wyatt is returning from MWE, today! My spies sent me this picture of Wyatt, et al, after a night of boozin’.

So, to ease the sting of a major hangover, I thought I’d post. . .

THINGS THAT MAKE WYATT HAPPY!!! (Well, at least he won’t hate them.)

Indoor Lacrosse will have a 2008 season:
The league and union have reached an agreement, and that means there will be a season. (I thought those guys worked really good day jobs.)

Michigan wins 34-10 over Minnesota:

You know a win makes Wyatt really happy. Penn State lost and that makes him even happier.

A judge says “NO!” to Fumo:
Vince Fumo suffered a legal setback when a judge said that “yes” Fumo will have to defend all of the charges against him–ALL 139 counts!

(Although, he’s allowed to pay taxes based on a home value of $250,000 for a house with an asking price of $7 million.)

A shorter workweek for Congress means less of this.
It seems as though the hard-at-work-and-getting-nothing-done-Congress needs some “me time.”

Well, before I make like a banana and split, I’d like to leave Wyatt one last thing that will make his return to his blog a happy one:

Angie Everhart

Oh, and before I forget, I have pictures of chicks in hockey jerseys, too.

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