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Ice Hockey Update

By Wyatt Earp | October 24, 2007


Credit Vincent Antonelli for all of the hard work, but the jerseys arrived yesterday. Now, they only have to be numbered and emblazoned with the Tony’s Place logo, and we’ll be good to go. (I’ll post a photo of the finished product when they’re ready.) And to show my thanks, here’s yet another pic of Vinnie’s favorite foreign ice hockey babe, Emma Laaksonen . . .

In other hockey-related news . . .


Okay, it is very preliminary, and I am not cleared for ice hockey, but my PT (Mike Dillon, a terrific guy) said that I can try to skate next week, as long as he tapes up my knee first. I can’t go crazy, but he wants me to skate a while and track my results.

Obviously, my therapy is going very well, and I have little to no pain in the knee anymore. I would judge the knee at about 90%. The PT suggested – and rightly so – that I keep up with the therapy for another month until we’re sure I am completely healed. I have been going three times a week for a month, and I cannot believe the results I am getting – especially after I thought my playing days (both on the ice and with my kids) were over.

This is what Wyatt sounds like when he’s happy, kids. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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