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Stats Aplenty!

By Wyatt Earp | September 10, 2007

It was bad enough that Randal Graves took our little group in the driver pool. (The bastard had Tony Stewart, who finished higher than Gordon, Edwards, and Bowyer on Saturday night.) And it was bad enough that he gloated about it for the next 14 hours. But nothing is more irritating than seeing his Fantasy points this week.

The punk scored 291 points!
Yeah, he’ll be just swell to live with for the next week. Anyway, his point barrage pops him up to 4th in the standings, with 10 races to go. The Cookeville Engineers had a terrific week as well, notching 280 points at Richmond. They are only 8 points behind Randal for 4th place.

The Godfather (my friend Bill) is still atop the leader board after a 209 point week, followed by yours truly in 2nd place after a lousy 161 point effort. Worst in the league! Rachel is in 3rd place with a 273 point outing, and my Uncle Ray is in 6th after a 227 point effort. RT is in 7th after a pretty good 259 point race, and jLow’s 231 point attempt jeeps her in 8th.

Next week’s race at New Hampshire sees the start of the Chase for the Championship, and with only ten races to go, everyone better cowboy up and make some great driver choices.

But, in the meantime, how about a demeaning picture of Randal from Richmond? Heh.

Yes, that is a pink hat he’s wearing, and yes, that is Penelope Pitstop.

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