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Ohio Mother Found Dead

By Wyatt Earp | June 23, 2007

Editor’s Note: The following post contains many of Pandy’s “sentence enhancers.” I apologize if it is offensive to any readers, but I am truly fired up about this. Thank you.

CANTON, Ohio – The boyfriend of a missing pregnant woman was arrested on two counts of murder Saturday, and a body believed to be hers was found a week after she vanished from her home, authorities said. Jessie Davis, 26, was due to deliver a baby girl on July 3. Her mother found Davis’ 2-year-old son alone in her home, where bedroom furniture was toppled and bleach spilled on the floor on June 15.

I would like to address the boyfriend at this time. Fuck you, you fucking piece of filth! I hope you rot in hell with murderers and unwed mothers! Okay, the last part was a joke.

Thousands of volunteers had searched for Davis over several days, while investigators continued to question Bobby Cutts Jr., 30, a Canton police officer, who is the father of Davis’ son. Her family says he also is the father of the unborn child.

And this motherfucker is a cop, too! I hope your cell mates are apprised of that information when you get to prison. Hopefully, you won’t last a week before you are garroted. Hell, a week would be more than you gave Jessie Davis, you filthy fucking pig!

Investigators were mum on many details of their work until they announced Cutts was taken into custody Saturday and was to be arraigned on charges of murder in the deaths of Davis and her unborn child. (H/T – )

So, this piece of crap killed Jessie, her (and his) unborn child, and then dumped the body somewhere like so much discarded trash? Bobby Cutts, Jr, I hope you fucking die!

Again, sorry for the language, but I really hope this man is dead by week’s end.

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