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HWC Fantasy Football: Week 6 Recap

By Wyatt Earp | October 18, 2006

One of my countless fantasy football leagues involves many of the bloggers that you know and love (or despise, depending on your viewpoint). We face off on Yahoo!, and this week it’s my turn to recap last week’s action. (Unlike my counterparts, I have also linked their blogs. At least the ones I know about. Hell, any traffic is good traffic, right?)

* Gridiron Wookies – 76, The Ball Sackers – 51

How do you remain undefeated when five of your players have zeros for the week? Cheat. Or lose. In my case, we lost. The only thing my team sacked was a bag of potato chips while the Wookies tapdanced on my team’s proverbial face.

MVP – Steve Smith (GW). Welcome back, Mr. Smith! It’s been a long time.

Bantha Fodder – Mushim Muhammad (TBS) – Guess he wasn’t facing east this week.

* Webcats – 60, Robots Eat Babies – 49

Ya know it’s over when LaDamian Tomlinson has a 30-point game. Luckily, REB’s Damon Huard made a valiant effort – with a single point. Swell.

MVP – LT (Webcats). I mean, 30 frakkin’ points!

Bantha Fodder – Peerless Price (REB). -1 point? The Price is wrong, bitch!

* bRight & Early – 86, RFTR – 74

Tough matchup here, but b&E stuck it to RFTR, thanks in part to Matt Hasselback and Joe Horn’s highlight reel performances. RFTR struck back with Tiki Barber and Big Ben, but he stopped short. “That’s a good move.”

MVP – Joe Horn (b&E). He so Horn-y.

Bantha Fodder – Zach Hilton (RFTR). Nice zero. With a name like Hilton, he probably missed the game due to an STD.

* I Hate Hillary – 52, Hot Wing Chump-ion – 43

IHH had two zeros and still managed to beat the HWC. Ouch! Kudos to IHH’s Bernard Berrian, who is possibly the only Bear with a point this week.

MVP – Reggie Brown (IHH). Wow, an Eagle helping someone win a matchup? What’s this world coming to?

Bantha Fodder – Jake Plummer (HWC). Negative points. Well played.

* Tax Dodgers – 64, Fmragtops’ Spewers – 40

This loss puts Fmragtops at 1-5. Obviously he’s trying to go Old School Saints here. This game is unique because Fm played with a guy on a BYE week (Marvin Harrison) and lost to a team playing TWO guys on a BYE week!!! If that isn’t a kick in the jimmies, I don’t know what is.

MVP – Corey Dillon/Ahman Green (TD). Both on a BYE week, and the Dodgers still won!

Bantha Fodder – Antwan Randle-El (FS). Nice -2, jerkass!.

* San Jose Arrowheads – 39, Mr. Wolf Cleaning Service – 2

No, that “2″ is not a typo. That’s exactly how many points Mr. Wolf earned this week; thanks in part to Rex Grossman’s suckass performance on Monday night. These two teams combined for a total score of 41 points. Really.

MVP – Are you kidding?

Bantha Fodder – Take your pick.

* Gumbo – 78, Rose Hill Reddogs – 61

Gumbo wins this one – and moves to .500 – even with a QB (Trent Green) that has been hurt for weeks. Keen! RHR had a great game from the Steelers defense, but it wasn’t enough in the end.

MVP – Denver’s Defense (Gumbo). Only because I can’t spell Coles’ first name.

Bantha Fodder – Dante Hall (RHR). I guess he doesn’t run back punts anymore. Nice point.

* Hector Vex-O-Trons – 55, The Columbia CRUNCH – 34

Note to TCC: when you start FIVE players on their BYE week, the results will probably not be to your liking. Unless you plan to move the team to Miami like they tried to do in Major League.

MVP – Jake Delhomme (HVOT) with a 15 point week. BAM!

Bantha Fodder – Tom Brady (TCC) who was sitting home watching the other games.

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