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There Had Better Be Missiles In The Air

By Wyatt Earp | July 7, 2005

I’m choking on my own rage here:

LONDON – Four blasts rocked the London subway and tore open a packed double-decker bus during the morning rush hour Thursday, sending bloodied victims fleeing in the worst attack on London since World War II. At least 40 people were killed, U.S. officials said, and more than 390 wounded in the terror attacks. A clearly shaken Prime Minister Tony Blair called the attacks “barbaric” and said they were designed to coincide with the G-8 summit opening in Gleneagles, Scotland. (AP)

Here’s a great question I heard from local radio host Michael Smerconish: “When the mug shots of the individuals responsible are posted, I wonder what they’ll look like?

If you follow the logic of our airport screeners, they will look like the elderly and children. They will be fresh-faced, clean-shaven, fair-skinned redheads, and African-Americans in wheelchairs. They will be children holding matchbox cars, and WWII veterans. If we follow the policy of our airport screeners – which has come down from the ivory tower of our FAA and Department of Homeland Security – these terrorists will look like everyone except Middle-eastern males, aged 19-49!!!

Until the Department of Homeland Security implements a policy of active racial profiling, what happened today in London will happen here . . . again.

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3 Responses to “There Had Better Be Missiles In The Air”

  1. Damian G. Says:
    July 7th, 2005 at 5:11 pm

    Agreed. Though can the “African-American” PC stuff. Until whites are called “European-Americans,” I’ll stick to my guns.

  2. The Conservative UAW Guy Says:
    July 7th, 2005 at 9:40 pm

    Sadly, racial profiling works.

    That is why people use it.

    That is why we should use it.

    Israel does, when’s the last time you saw an El Al plane get jacked?
    They know what they’re enemies look like.

    So do we…

    Another black day for the world.

  3. Dr. Phat Tony Says:
    July 8th, 2005 at 8:47 am

    Until the Muslims start policing their own and condemming their radical brethren, they’ll will all be suspect.