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Bye Bye Blackburn

Deputy Police Commissioner William BlackburnIt always makes me laugh when people say that police officers should be held to a higher standard; as if when you put a badge on your chest, you stop being the dimwitted tool you were the other 16 hours of the day.

Case in point: a PPD deputy commissioner is accused of flipping through personnel files, looking for dates.

Oh, I’m not posting the Philadelphia Daily News link. A media outlet that sits on a story like this for months gets no publicity from me.

A Philadelphia deputy police commissioner was so desperate for dates that he trolled the department’s personnel files looking for female officers to hit on, according to a report.

Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn ordered aides to bring him head shots of comely female cops, and then instructed the underlings to set up meet-and-greets with the ones he liked best, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

Blackburn’s alleged creepy behavior came to light as part of testimony from former aides in a discrimination lawsuit brought by a female police captain.

Debra Frazier alleges that the 31-year veteran began stalking her with texts, calls, unwanted visits and questions about her love life in 2008 soon after she started on the narcotics squad, a unit of the deputy commish’s major investigations division.

In the PPD, sexual harassment from bosses seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.

The irony of this is there is much bigger, much more damning story out there, that the Philly media has been sitting on for almost a year. If they published this, maybe the other one will eventually see the light of day, too.