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The Weighting Game

Homer Simpson Muscles

It’s been a while since I last posted my weight, mostly because I’ve been stuck in the communion party rut. We had three parties in the last three weeks, and my eating has suffered a bit – but thankfully, not too much.

This week has been much better, between walking 3-4 miles every other day and keeping to my Weight Watchers points. This morning I stepped on the scale and saw this staring back at me: 191 pounds!

That’s down three since my last weigh-in, and down a total of 24 pounds since January 1st. BOOM!

Shouldering The Weight Of The World

Ryan GoslingIt’s been two weeks since I posted my weight, and before you ask, no I haven’t given up. I simply forgot to post the number.

That said, I am sick as a dog this weekend – the cellulitis is back – and feel like death. So, I’m going with last week’s number just the keep the posts current.

Last week, I came in at 194, which was down a pound from the week before. The good news is that I have been walking and mostly making my Weight Watchers points.

I’m down 21 pounds since January 1st, and since the weather has gotten much better, I expect the number to drop significantly in the next few weeks. Wish me luck.

Weight-er, There’s Some Fat In My Soup

Josh DuhamelBecause it’s certainly not in my midsection! The diet is continuing, and I am still working the Weight Watchers, but other factors contributed to my week in weight. Namely, my cold. I had been sick as a dog from Tuesday through Saturday, and it took a lot out of me. It also didn’t help that I only walked once while sick and barely had enough energy to get a mile in.

I still stepped on the scale, though…

This week’s result? 195 pounds.

That’s down two pounds from two weeks ago, and down a total of 20 since January 1st. Most notably, it’s the thinnest I’ve been since 2008.

While I’m starting to notice the loss – clothes fitting better, etc – my former co-workers noticed when I attended a retirement party for my former corporal on Friday. The most common comment: “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight!”

That definitely made me feel good, and it’s motivating me to keep going. Pretty soon, I’ll be comfortable enough to post a photo of myself here.

Hurry Up And Weight

Broken ScaleOkay, here’s what I don’t get. I made Weight Watchers points every day this week except one. On top of that, my physical therapist cleared me for walking, and I walked two miles three times this week. My clothes fit better and my confidence was boosting.

Then I stepped on the scale: 197 poundsagain.

What. The. Frak? I do all that for no loss? I’m three stinking pounds away from the lightest I’ve been in nearly ten years, and I’m getting held up? Friggin’ ridiculous.

I’m not even really frustrated about it; I’m pissed.

Anchors Aweigh

Hugh Jackman ShirtlessIt’s hard to believe I look like a shirtless Hugh Jackman now, but what can I tell you?

Okay, I’m not nearly that muscular and my face looks like a frying pan, but I am slightly less fat than I was last week. Better still, the scale didn’t groan when I stepped on it this morning.

The result? 197 Pounds.

So I’m down 2 pounds since last week, and 18 pounds since January 1st. Also, I’ve been cleared by my physical therapist to start walking again, so I expect that number to shrink even more. 195 is the lightest I’ve been in ten years. I’ll definitely be under that soon. As for long-term goals, I’d be ecstatic if I could get to 185.

Call Weighting

Homer SimpsonConsidering the hospitalization of my wife and my mom in the last two weeks, I didn’t post a weigh-in last week. I’m doing so today, even though I had a few bouts of stress eating. No excuse, but it is what it is. Although in my defense, I did have two delicious tuna wraps from the hospital cafeteria on consecutive days. I just wish that would counterbalance the cheeseburger and the cheesesteak.

That said, I stepped on the scale this morning and found this staring back:

199 Pounds.

Obviously, I’m not happy with that number, but a loss is a loss. I’m down one pound since the last weigh-in, and 16 pounds overall.

Oh: Ranba Ral sent me an e-mail. He is down slightly, weighing in at 272, but he’s exercising every day. That’s going to help.

Jean-Claude Van Dammit

Jean Claude Van DammeThis was not a good week. Between work, the birthdays, and Mrs. Earp’s hospital stay, I missed my Weight Watchers points three times. I chalk it up to a stress eating.

That’s not a viable excuse, but there it is.

I stepped on the scale yesterday with a feeling of dread, and surprisingly, it wasn’t terrible. I came in at 200 pounds, same as last week. So, while I didn’t lose anything; I didn’t gain, either. We’ll call the week a wash.

I’m still down 15 pounds total, and hopefully this week will prove more successful.


McBain MendozaWhile I am no fan of baseball, I am familiar with the “Mendoza Line.” The line refers to a batting average of .200, and it is also the line I hit today. F**kin’ A right!

That’s a 4 pound loss from last week – thank you, recumbent bike – and a 15 pound loss since January 1st. Say what you will about Weight Watchers, but I’ve lost a ton of weight using it on two separate occasions.

I’m seeing the losses in my face and stomach, but more importantly, I am fitting into clothes that were too tight at Christmas. Considering my progress without being able to exercise enough – thanks to my plantar fasciitis – I think getting under 195 pounds (which I reached in 2008) will be easy.

Right now, I’d like to get below 190 pounds – I was 190 in the police academy. If I get there before March, however, then I’m going for elusive 180.

Oh yeah, I’m making fat my bitch!

Diet Earp

Homer Simpson Exercising

Well, I’m finishing the first month on my weigh loss program – courtesy of Weight Watchers – and I have been proud of my progress so far. Losing ten pounds in three weeks is pretty exciting, especially without being able to really exercise.

This week’s weigh-in, however, had me terribly vexed. The death of my co-worker’s daughter took its toll, food-wise, and I had two days where I blew my points out of the water. Comfort food is not your friend.

Any hoo, I stepped on the scale, and saw this number looking up at me: 204.

That’s down 1 pound from last week, and down 11 since January 1st. Honestly, the number is disappointing, considering my whirlwind progress before today, so I’ll have to double down on my efforts from here on out.

Enter The Braggin’

Daniel Craig ShirtlessOkay, I have to be brutally honest here: I am making this diet my beyotch.

I’ve made my Weight Watchers points every day this month save for two – including once this week. Worried that this would be my downfall, I stepped onto the scale with trepidation. The result was joygasmic.

I started this diet weighing 215 pounds. Today’s weigh-in? 205 pounds.

Ten pounds in just under three weeks, beyotches! Who da (slightly less fat) man! Pretty soon I’ll be looking like Daniel Craig (above), sans the British accent.

What’s more encouraging is that I haven’t been able to exercise because of my foot issues; issues that were detailed by my podiatrist on Thursday. Apparently, I have bone spurs in my left heel, a damaged Achilles tendon, and plantar fasciitis. Physical therapy starts tomorrow, and should last 4-6 weeks. Hooray.