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Happy Birthday, Great One!

Wayne Gretzky Edmonton OilersThere are few people left in this world who I consider heroes. Even fewer populate the world of sports.

Wayne Gretzky is one of those heroes.

His #99 Edmonton Oilers jersey was the first hockey jersey I ever owned. My parents bought it for me during a trip to Quebec. I adopted his number when I played lacrosse and hockey, not because I had his talent – I don’t – but because I wanted to emulate his work ethic.

Today, the Great One is celebrating his 52nd birthday.

He is the leading point-scorer in NHL history, with more assists than any other player has points, and is the only NHL player to total over 200 points in one season – a feat he accomplished four times. In addition, he tallied over 100 points in 16 professional seasons, 14 of them consecutive. At the time of his retirement in 1999, he held 40 regular-season records, 15 playoff records, and six All-Star records.

Class act on and off the ice. If you’re looking for a sports hero, look no further.

Gretzky’s Daughter Called For Hooking

It looks like the shirtless guy wants to work his stick into Paulina Gretzky’s crease.

Paulina Gretzky, 23, is challenging the wholesome image of her family once again. The aspiring actress and singer, who is said to have disabled her Twitter account at the urging of her dad last year, has posted a series graphic photos of herself online after enjoying a booze-fueled weekend with friends.

Those images are tame, however, compared to others showing Paulina lounging on her male friends’ laps, her shorts rolled up to reveal a pair of skimpy bottoms; others show her straddling a female friend and opening her legs in front of the camera. (H/T – Thomas F)

Regular readers know I’m all for other people’s daughters posting scantily-clad photos of themselves. I’m a hypocrite that way, because if Paulina were my daughter, she would be the victim of an honor killing right now. I feel bad for Wayne Gretzky, because he’s a nice, down-to-earth guy that obviously has no control over his daughter. It must be maddening.