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Dumb Blonde

So yesterday I was sitting in work when the phone rang. Like an imbecile, I picked it up.

(So you know, most of us avoid picking up the phone because there is always an idiot on the other end of the line. Yesterday was no exception.)

The officer on the other end was a female who works in my division, and is regarded as one of the most galactically stupid cops in the department. She solidified that title with this call:

Officer Barbie: “Yeah, I have a witness out here who states his neighbor fired shots into the air before running into his house.”
Me: “Okay, are there any injuries?”

Officer Barbie: “No, but we’re in the house with the doer. A gun and bullets are on the floor of his bedroom.”

This is usually the moment when I suffer my first brain aneurysm. Did I survive? Find out below the fold.

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