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Is The Chuck Wagon Gettin’ Out Of Dodge?


Dear Lord, make this come true and I will build many churches in your honor.

No idea if this is true, but it’s drama made to order:

Charles Ramsey is in town and was seen at a cafe with Rahm on Montrose Ave. I think [Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy's] days are coming to an end. Makes sense for Rahm. A knowledgeable black man leading the CPD. A no lose situation for Rahm. The alderman are fed up with Garry and have let Rahm know of their displeasure. Stay tuned.

If nothing else, this one will rattle 35th Street all weekend. (H/T – ChiefJayBob)

With all due respect to my fellow officers in Chi-town, your department created this mess; your department should have to clean him up.

Guns And Violins

RamseyWiggumPhilly police commish Charles Ramsey has been tapped to take part in Joe Biden’s panel on gun violence. Ramsey: A man who is presiding over 327 homicides.

POLICE COMMISSIONER Charles Ramsey will travel to Washington, D.C., Thursday to take part in a discussion about gun violence with Vice President Joe Biden and other law-enforcement leadership in response to the Newtown, Conn., school shootings.

“We’re very pleased and we’re very honored that [Ramsey] is a part of this effort,” Mayor Nutter said. ” He’s well respected by his colleagues [and] will bring good information and good support to this effort.”

This bogus panel is being set up to find ways to stop gun violence. What possible reason can Biden have for summoning Ramsey there? Homicides in Philadelphia – most of which have been by handgun – have risen every year since Ramsey was named commissioner.

Every. Single. Year.

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Get Your Fudgy Wudgy Here

One has to wonder if the Philadelphia Police Department will seek out Jon Lovitz’s liar character when searching for its next commissioner. Why? Well, if the department’s website is to be believed, someone downtown is fudging the numbers – of homicides.

I’ll just post this and observe without comment.

A visit to the Philadelphia Police website Crime Stats page verifies what we already know: shootings, violence and murder are out of control throughout the city. As of this writing, there have been 259 murders since January 1, as one can plainly see from the highlighted 2011 figure on the webpage. Beside that is a number with a down arrow. Currently, it’s 18 percent, but last week it stood at 22. It purports to represent the percentage that murders have decreased.

And therein lies the problem. A big one.

Murders aren’t down 18 or 22 percent. As a matter of fact, they’re up. Comparing year-to-date statistics, they’ve increased ten from last year, a whopping 24 from 2009 (a ten percent jump), and eight from 2008.

But Chief Ramsey has decided to hide these numbers and instead compare today’s murder rate with that of 2007, the high-water mark for killings. That’s like the Phillies claiming a playoff victory because they beat the Cardinals half a decade ago. (H/TSebastian)

Take a moment and read the entire article. It’s worth your time.