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This Department Is Going To The Dogs

We Luve AnimalsSo, regular reader Al sent me this photo a few days ago, and I’ve recovered enough from the brain aneurysm to finally comment on it. It is a photo of Philadelphia police officers, standing on top of a patrol car, after being chased there by a pit bull.

This photo encapsulates everything that is wrong with the Philadelphia Police Department today.

The mayor, district attorney, and police commissioner have officers so terrified of drawing their guns that they resort to cowering atop a police car when a pit bull attacks. Police officers should not be cowering from any attack; especially one that involves a pit bull.

Now obviously, I don’t know the back story here, but I wish someone would explain why this pit bull wasn’t shot the second it charged. Shoot it, and keep shooting until the threat is neutralized.

Sadly, that thinking is not embraced by the new police department. Instead, officers jump onto cars, keep their guns holstered, and pray the dog doesn’t attack them – or an innocent bystander. Hesitation like this will get someone hurt. Or killed.

My fellow officers need to understand there are times when you need to fire your weapon. As long as you can articulate the facts of the discharge, you’ll never go wrong.

Caption Contest Winners

RPC 2423 On Cinder Blocks

The It’s Time To Re-Tire Caption Contest has concluded. Here’s how we did.

Top Seven Entries:
7. “Put out an APB for a NASCAR Pit Crew.” – Buzzsaw
6. “Guess I need to lay off the jelly donuts. I wore the wheels right off of this thing.” – Ingineer66
5. Yet another day for our “men-in-blue” in their “TIRE-LESS” pursuit of crime!!! – Uncle Ray
4. “The saddest part of the story? Dispatch asking if we were in pursuit.” – Jim
3. “The witness said the car that took the tires had Illinois plates ‘BDR529′.” – Rodney Dill
2. First Cop: “Hey, they stole our damned tires! Better get on the radio and call this in.”
Second Cop: “Can’t, they took that too.” – John D.

WINNER! – “I know that police budgets are tight, but you’d think the city would have sprung for the optional tires!”Proof

Weekend Caption Contest

RPC 2423 On Cinder Blocks

It’s Time To Re-Tire Caption Contest
(Source: The Chive)

Caption this photo in the comments section or e-mail me your photoshop entries. The winners will be posted on Monday, January 14th. Good luck!

(For the record, this is in the 24th District, my first assignment.)

Other Current Contests:
Rodney Dill
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Bye Bye Blackburn

Deputy Police Commissioner William BlackburnIt always makes me laugh when people say that police officers should be held to a higher standard; as if when you put a badge on your chest, you stop being the dimwitted tool you were the other 16 hours of the day.

Case in point: a PPD deputy commissioner is accused of flipping through personnel files, looking for dates.

Oh, I’m not posting the Philadelphia Daily News link. A media outlet that sits on a story like this for months gets no publicity from me.

A Philadelphia deputy police commissioner was so desperate for dates that he trolled the department’s personnel files looking for female officers to hit on, according to a report.

Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn ordered aides to bring him head shots of comely female cops, and then instructed the underlings to set up meet-and-greets with the ones he liked best, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

Blackburn’s alleged creepy behavior came to light as part of testimony from former aides in a discrimination lawsuit brought by a female police captain.

Debra Frazier alleges that the 31-year veteran began stalking her with texts, calls, unwanted visits and questions about her love life in 2008 soon after she started on the narcotics squad, a unit of the deputy commish’s major investigations division.

In the PPD, sexual harassment from bosses seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.

The irony of this is there is much bigger, much more damning story out there, that the Philly media has been sitting on for almost a year. If they published this, maybe the other one will eventually see the light of day, too.

True Detective Stories

So, I’m sitting at my desk yesterday, when two officers bring in a burglary report. I read it over and assign it to the pertinent detective, when one of the officers looks at me and says, “Oh, hi!” I look at him and realize two things; the kid looks too young to be a cop, and I don’t recognize him at all. He must’ve read my mind because he said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” I said no, and he said, “Lacrosse.”

Now, I coached high school lacrosse for 19 years with three different schools. If you figure 30+ kids per team, I’ve coached hundreds of kids in my career. I looked at the kid’s name tag and realized who it was: “Frankie Pants.”

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Philly Police Officer Shoots, Kills Attacker

I hate to give the Philadelphia rags any credit, but they actually got this story more or less correct.

And a ton of credit needs to go to the witnesses on the scene – many of whom came forward to tell us what they saw – who related exactly what happened without bias or exaggeration.

Maybe there is hope for this city after all.

[A] witness described the violent confrontation between a police officer and an allegedly drugged-out Olney man early Sunday morning that left the cop hurt and the 31-year-old man dead of three gunshot wounds.

“He was slinging the cop around like he was a little kid,” said the neighbor, who spoke with the Daily News on condition of anonymity. “The cop hit the ground hard a few times. It was something out of ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not.’ “

But, but, what about the taser??? Read on.

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The PPD Endorses Twitter

Well, to an extent.

The department has released a directive concerning social media, and the short version is, “Stay the hell away from it.” The long version is that they want you to be responsible when you utilize social media like Facebook and Twitter. Yes, that is particularly vague, but there is a method to their madness. If they are vague, then they can slam you with all sorts of violations.

Of course, if you toe the company line . . .

Detective Joseph Murray, of Southwest Detectives, had more than 600 followers on his @TheFuzz9143 Twitter handle, but had been silent for nearly three months while police administration configured its social-media policy. About 4 p.m. Wednesday, Murray was back on Twitter with a new, official handle, @ppdjoemurray, and his followers rejoiced.

“HE’S BACK!!!,” West Philly resident Amara Rockar said in an email to the Daily News. Rockar had helped start an online petition to get Murray back on Twitter and worried that the department could handcuff his humor and personality with a strict social-media policy.

Murray said police administration encouraged him to be himself, and he’s even going to be instrumental in training 10 to 15 other officers on Twitter over the next month.

Of course, those who are not blessed with the department’s seal of approval will be met with harsh discipline if they (at least in the department’s view) screw up.

Philadelphia Pee Party Removed

I like how the media is claiming that they were “evicted” – as if these filthy little urchins had any right to be in Dillworth Plaza in the first place.

Some of these animals refused to disperse, and tried to march through the streets. They were met by the Mounted Patrol.

Officers gave the protesters three warnings to evacuate Dilworth Plaza before they finally moved in and began taking down tents, a little after 1 a.m. A group of about 100 demonstrators marched toward Rittenhouse Square, where they were met by mounted police officers.

At one point, some of the marchers tried to reunite with the protesters at Dilworth Plaza, but police were keeping them from doing so.

The protesters got rowdy at times. Along the way, there were several scuffles with police.

Of course, the “brave” souls suddenly lost their nerve when faced with horses.

Philly FOP Decries Deplorable Conditions

The Philly media writes up this story once every other year. Nothing ever gets done about it, because no one cares, but it’s nice to see the appalling conditions in which we work make headlines.

CLAIMING that conditions in the city’s police facilities are “beyond deplorable,” the Fraternal Order of Police has filed a grievance against the city to force maintenance upgrades.

“We filed individual grievances, but now we’re going to attack the whole infrastructure of the Police Department,” FOP President John McNesby said yesterday. “We literally had to send our personal exterminator to [officers'] homes because they brought fleas home.”

My first assignment was in the 24th District in the Kensington section. When I got there, the building had already been condemned. We worked in it anyway for another six years, sharing our lockers with roaches and mice. And even our situation wasn’t as bad as others . . .

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