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If You Like Your Liberalism, You Can Keep It

Melody Valentin And Her Paper GunOf course, if you don’t like your liberalism, but attend a public school, you’re going to sit back, shut up, and enjoy it.

Or, in the case of Melody Valentin, you’ll be suspended for possession of a deadly piece of ripped paper.

A Philadelphia elementary school student was scolded and searched by administrators in front of her entire class after she pulled out a paper gun in class last week.

Melody Valentin’s mother, Dianna Kelly, tells Fox 29 that school officials went too far when they reportedly punished her daughter for pulling out the gun, which she says looks like a folded sheet of paper. One of the fifth grader’s classmates reportedly saw the paper gun and notified administrators as she was going to throw it away.

“He yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn’t listen.” (H/TProof and 911)

As a result, the Obama administration is crafting legislation to ban paper. For the children.