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Humpday History Highlight

Lt Col John Mad Jack ChurchillThe UK Daily Mail is always good for stories about hot, scantily-clad babes. Once in a while, however, they come through with a damned fine history story.

This is one of those stories. Meet Lt. Col. John Churchill; a highly-decorated World War II officer who killed Nazis with a bow and arrow.

Yeah, compared to “Mad Jack” Churchill, Patton was a piker.

He was nicknamed Mad Jack by his men during the Second World War. After coming face to face with Lieutenant Colonel John Churchill, the Germans probably had a similar, if less affectionate, moniker for the eccentric officer.

Rather than wield a sub-machine gun in battle, the commando leader inspired his comrades by storming beaches armed with a bow and arrow and two-handed sword, dressed in a kilt and playing a set of bagpipes.

He enhanced his reputation by capturing 42 German prisoners with only his broadsword and later escaping from one of the most daunting Nazi jails before the end of the war.

The man earned two Distinguished Service Orders and a Military Cross . . . with a bow and a broadsword. Amazing.