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Lot Of Space In This Mall!

blues-brothers-car-chase-legoSome enterprising geniuses recreated the chase scene from the Blues Brothers film.

Oh, and they did it using Legos.

I suspect they are now the frontrunners for the 2014 Nobel Prize.

We’re on a mission from God. This is the iconic through-the-mall car chase scene from the original Blues Brothers faithfully recreated in LEGO by the folks of BrickTease. Oh we’ve got both kinds, we’ve got country AND western. I hate Illinois Nazis.

The video is below the fold. If you’re a fan of the film, prepare to be amazed.

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Jabba The Hutt: Infidel?

Jabbas Palace Lego Set

A Turkish group is claiming Lego’s “Jabba’s Palace” set is racist. Be advised, there is so much stupid in this article, that you’ll probably want to stick a thermal detonator in your mouth.

Lego has been accused of racism by the Turkish community over a Star Wars toy allegedly depicting a mosque. The critics claim that the Jabba’s Palace model, part of Lego’s Star Wars range, offends Muslims as it resembles the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul – one of the world’s most renowned mosques.

Pfft, many Muslims today make the Tusken Raiders look like Jehovah’s Witnesses . . .

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