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It Rubs The Taxes On Its Skin

Illinois Skin Tax

Or else it gets the fines again.

Beginning today, about 150 new laws go into effect in Illinois.

A new law will require strip club operators to impose a $3 surcharge per customer with the option that clubs pay an annual fee of $5,000 to $25,000, based on sales. The tax will only affect those strip clubs that serve alcohol. The tax is designed to raise money for rape crisis centers and is expected to raise about $1 million annually. (H/TSmite)

Three dollars per customer? At least tell me they’ll pass the savings on to the customer . . . in the form of lap dances.

Ya Know, My Birthday Is Fast Approaching

If you loved me, you’d buy me this house . . .

It is the Wyatt Earp birthplace in Monmouth, Illinois, and it is currently up for sale. The minimum bid is $100,000. From the website:

Property includes the Birthplace two-story museum, the one-story apartment, and a single car garage. Also included is the corner lot with the OK Corral show sets. Furniture, antiques, and memorabilia in the Museum are included, except for items donated to the Museum or for sale, which may be negotiated with the Board of Trustees. Furnishings in the one-bedroom apartment include appliances.

How great would it be to have blogger get-togethers at the OK Corral set? We could have gunfights to decide who gets clean-up duty!