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Eating A Dead Horse

Lisa Simpson Horse In BedWith his competitors jockeying for position, a Philly chef is planning on joining the horsey set… and not in a good way.

Philadelphia restaurateur Peter McAndrews is planning to add horse meat to his menu amid a controversy in Europe over the equine fare being sold as beef. He told restaurant blogger Victor Fiorella that he plans to ‘embrace horse meat wholeheartedly’ at his popular Sicilian spot, Monsu.

“In Italian food, a lot of [horse meat] is made into salami or cured meats, and some parts are also good like regular steak would be, just like a cow,” McAndrews said.

The slaughter of horses in the U.S. was outlawed until 2011, when President Barack Obama lifted the ban.

Of course. What else would you expect from a man who eats dog?