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There Will Be Blood


A shocking study revealed my home state ranked fourth nationally in black homicides. The study is only shocking because I figured Pennsylvania would be ranked higher.

PENNSYLVANIA ranked fourth nationwide in black homicide victimization in 2011, according to an organization that ranked the state second in the previous year. The Washington, D.C.-based Violence Policy Center, which released the new study Thursday, said the latest figures show that Pennsylvania had 29.02 homicides per 100,000 black civilians in 2011.

In 2011 — the latest year for which FBI statistics are available — blacks accounted for half of all homicide victims nationwide, yet represented 13 percent of the U.S. population.

Philly must’ve carried the state. Black-on-black crime is out of control in this city, and most of its politicians – the majority of whom are black – do nothing to stem the tide. It’s a disgrace.

Chad Dion Lassiter, president of Black Men at Penn School of Social Work and a member of the Philadelphia Prison Board of Trustees, called the data “alarming.”

So is Mr. Lassiter the president of black men, president of black men at Penn School, or president of black men at Penn School of Social Work. Help me out here.

The Chuck Wagon Now Serves Fudge

Homicide Unit PatchBecause one could get diabetes after reading Philadelphia’s “official” homicide numbers. I won’t go into the rampant dishonesty of the city’s murder count – I’ve done it a dozen times already – but suffice to say, the numbers they post on their website are about one hundred bodies short. Fine, I get it. Politics precludes us from telling the citizens the truth.

My issue is the department (as you’ll see below) won’t even post the fudged numbers correctly. Then, even after the fudgening, the stats are pretty damning.

With Philadelphia on a pace to record a modern low for homicides in 2013, city officials pleaded with New Year’s revelers to ring in 2014 without the celebratory gunfire that has marred previous holidays and changed lives.

With the countdown to the new year in its final hours, the homicide total was 246, lower than any annual total since 1967.

Except that wasn’t the number. Early on New Year’s Eve, the actual number was 251.

City officials have attributed the decrease to factors including court reform, initiatives targeting gun criminals and repeat offenders, and sustained commitment to data-driven policing.

“Having the homicide number come in under 250 will be a great milestone for our department and city, but we can’t stop to celebrate,” Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said.

Buzz! Missed it by that much! The actual number was 252. That’s 85 less than last year, but hardly a number people should be crowing about.

Murder By Numbers

StatsThis burns me to no end.

The graphic on the left was taken from the Philadelphia Police Department’s official website. It boasts 2012′s “Year-End Totals.”

They’re wrong. They’re off by a half-dozen.

The 331st homicide occurred on Christmas Eve on Whitaker Avenue in the 2nd District. The 337th – and presumably, final homicide – occurred on December 29th on Akron Street in the 15th District.

The worst part of this is that, six years on, they are still comparing numbers to the uber-violent 2007. (That was probably the last truly accurate number posted.) Hell, there is barely enough room on the page to fit that year in the graphic!

So, who are they trying to snow here? The mayor knows the real numbers, as does city council, and the upper echelon of the department. They’re obviously okay with Commissioner Ramsey’s handling of the violence here, so why the shenanigans? Is it for the benefit of the media? They know the real numbers, and are covering for the administration, anyway.

The rubes citizens probably don’t know the actual numbers, but they don’t care, so why should the department? If nothing else, fudging the numbers is an insult to those victims. Apparently they’re brutal deaths don’t count.

This is what this country has come to. No one takes responsibility anymore, no one gives a frak, and no one strives toward a decent work ethic.


The Most Shocking Story Of The Year

I apologize for exposing this story to you, but this is an important story that I fear may be repeated across the country.

Are you ready? On Thursday night, a man was shot and killed during the filming of a rap video.

A man was shot in the head and killed during the filming of an amateur rap video in the Olney section. There was a crowd so large at the corner of 5th Street and Tabor Road during the rap video taping, undercover Philadelphia police officers were watching over it. That’s when they saw a 33-year-old man being gunned down in the street.

Investigators say more than 100 people were gathered for the recording of an amateur rap video around 7:00 p.m. when someone fired shots striking the victim. In the melee, a car accidentally ran over the victim who had been shot in the head.

Detectives say they found guns on three of the men and one was identified as the killer.

It’s easily the most bizarre case I’ve seen I’ve been promoted.

Someone Call Boba Fett

Faced with a skyrocketing homicide rate – even for this town – Mayor Nutter is offering rewards for tips leading to the arrests of gunmen. Where he’s getting the money is anyone’s guess. See, we’re broke, and there isn’t any money to offer.

Mayor Nutter yesterday announced that the city is now throwing the kitchen sink at its crime problems. There was a clear sense that city leaders are ready to try anything to escape being forever known as “Killadelphia.”

One initiative that Nutter said he hopes will be a “major game-changer” simply involves cash: $20,000 for tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of a murder suspect, and $500 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of thugs who carry or sell illegal guns.

“To every criminal out there, I just put a $20,000 bounty on your head,” Nutter said. “We are coming for you. We will find you. People will give up that information.”

No, Mr. Mayor they won’t. People here don’t “snitch” – not even for a payday.

For Those Of You Keeping Score

The 2012 homicide count in Philly is now at 12. Today is January 11th.

Three people were killed, three others were wounded in multiple shootings yesterday, and two slashed bodies were discovered in what marked a grisly day in Philadelphia. Capping the day was the late-night shooting of four teens sitting in a car. In that incident, two 14-year-old boys were killed and two other teens were injured in what police believe was an ambush shooting Tuesday night in the city’s Juniata section.

Now why, exactly, would you venture into this burg unarmed?

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Welcome To Killadelphia

Like most of America’s big cities, Philadelphia has a murder problem. Sadly, it’s the only category in which we can say “We’re #1.”

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that I have been posting the accurate, updated homicide numbers for months now. And as this article confirms, they’re not good.

This year Philadelphia has the highest homicide rate of the nation’s 10 most populous cities, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

A total of 324 homicides occurred in Philadelphia in 2011 as of Wednesday, compared to 305 last year. The city also has a murder rate per 100,000 population of 20.7, the highest of America’s 10 largest cities.

As of Thursday, the count was 325, and there’s a good chance we’ll have some before midnight. The stats on the department’s web page look like this:

Notice the graphic next to the 325. It shows that homicides are down 17%. “Wyatt, how can this be?” Well, in a masterstroke of fuzzy math, Commissioner Ramsey is taking the aggregate numbers from as far back as 2007, when we almost hit 400!

Homicides are not down, folks. They’ve gone up every year since 2009 (Ramsey’s second year). I guarantee you the 2007 numbers will stay on that list for years, just so it looks like the numbers are declining. It has to look that way, so the mayor and police commissioner can tell the public that they’re making a difference.

UPDATE: The final tally for 2011 was 327. So far today, we’ve had four homicides.

Get Your Fudgy Wudgy Here

One has to wonder if the Philadelphia Police Department will seek out Jon Lovitz’s liar character when searching for its next commissioner. Why? Well, if the department’s website is to be believed, someone downtown is fudging the numbers – of homicides.

I’ll just post this and observe without comment.

A visit to the Philadelphia Police website Crime Stats page verifies what we already know: shootings, violence and murder are out of control throughout the city. As of this writing, there have been 259 murders since January 1, as one can plainly see from the highlighted 2011 figure on the webpage. Beside that is a number with a down arrow. Currently, it’s 18 percent, but last week it stood at 22. It purports to represent the percentage that murders have decreased.

And therein lies the problem. A big one.

Murders aren’t down 18 or 22 percent. As a matter of fact, they’re up. Comparing year-to-date statistics, they’ve increased ten from last year, a whopping 24 from 2009 (a ten percent jump), and eight from 2008.

But Chief Ramsey has decided to hide these numbers and instead compare today’s murder rate with that of 2007, the high-water mark for killings. That’s like the Phillies claiming a playoff victory because they beat the Cardinals half a decade ago. (H/TSebastian)

Take a moment and read the entire article. It’s worth your time.

Nine People Were Shot In Philly Yesterday

In an unrelated note, the last two academy classes were canceled, and there are still no plans to hire more police officers.

Police responded to a shooting at 26th and Tasker streets at around 8 p.m. and found a man shot dead. Ten minutes later while canvassing the neighborhood police found a man shooting another man who was lying on the ground only blocks away at 31st and Tasker streets. The man died.

The suspect at the 31st and Tasker shooting then opened fire on police and fled on foot; officers fired at him. The man was shot but it is still unclear if he was wounded by the officers or in the previous shooting, police say. An 18-year-old woman was shot in the face, caught in the crossfire between police and the suspect, police say.

A total of nine people were shot in Philadelphia Wednesday. Three of them are dead.

That brings this year’s homicide total to 240. And it’s not even October yet.

The City Of Brotherly Homicides

Five homicides in twenty hours. God, I love this town!

Five Philadelphia men were fatally shot in separate cases in the city on Sunday, according to police. The violence began shortly after midnight, when four men were struck by gunfire at 12:28 a.m., on the 1800 block of North Newkirk Street in the city’s Brewerytown section, police said. One man, 20, was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.

In a completely unrelated note, the mayor canceled the last two police academy classes. But wait, there’s more!

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