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Pour De France

Handlebar MinibarAre we still here, or did the damned Mayan Apocalypse wipe us all out?

Well, if we’re still alive, I’ll be able to hit the road with the bike tomorrow. With my knees, cycling is better than walking/running. I’m on an exercise kick, because I need to lose weight. Of course, leave it to some wiseass to make cycling less healthy.

This is the Handlebar Minibar by Yannick Reading. Basically you cut the ends of your existing grips off the handlebars, then stuff these little plugs in. Unfortunately, each bottle only holds 5ml, so even if you chug both you’re only getting a 1/3 of an ounce of booze. The secret storage compartments can also be used to hold rolled up paper money.

Finally, an alternative to stuffing a flask into the front of my spandex shorts!