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Fraudsters, Guns, And Money

Corruptus-In-ExtremisThe Department of Justice, in a rare moment of clarity, found Philadelphia’s gun buyback program misused most of its grant money. Government corruption in my city? The hell you say!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says a Philadelphia gun buyback program misused more than $450,000 provided for the program. The buyback program was administered by the Police Safety Net (PSN). [T]he DOJ’s inspector general found that “62 percent” of the total grant money allotted to the PSN was used for “unallowable, unsupported, and/or unreasonable” expenses.

For example, PSN’s executive director Raymond Jones used some of the money to give “himself an $85,065 pay increase” over a period of two years. This brought his annual pay to $287,565.

PSN was supposed to use the money to buy gift cards to be given to citizens who brought guns into the buyback program. However, the DOJ also discovered there were 280 gift cards which had not been traded for a firearm yet could not be accounted for. (H/T – James)

The gun buyback program was already a joke. You’re not reducing violence by turning in a rusted .38-caliber revolver with a missing cylinder. The fact the money was completely misused is the icing on top of a Fudgy The FAIL cake.

The Incredible Hulk

Rusted Taurus Pistol

The local “journalists” are lauding the turnout of a Trenton gun buy back program. The program was necessary . . . for the children.

The Trenton gun buyback surpassed one in Camden in December that netted more than 1,100 weapons. Mercer County residents received $25 to $250 for each firearm depending on type, condition and legality.

About $100,000 was budgeted but because of the huge turnout, the amount spent is expected to be well over double that. Some participants were given vouchers after money ran out Saturday.

Let me break this article down for you, shotgun style. When Philadelphia unleashes one of these programs, detectives – such as myself – are given the responsibility of logging in the guns and checking their status (owner, whether it was reported stolen, etc.). After doing this a few times a year for almost eight years, I can tell you with surety that nearly 80-85% of these weapons are rusted hulks like the pistol shown above . . .

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