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No More Pencils, No More Books…

Only SonSo, I made my bi-annual visit to the dentist this morning. It was also my first meet-and-greet with the new dentist. My former dentist retired a few months ago, and the new doc took over. While Dr. Bendler was all sorts of awesome, Dr. Ogan seems nice enough.

During my last visit, I gave Dr. Bendler and his entire staff copies of my book, Only Son. (Available now at Amazon and CreateSpace for a low, low price!) Any hoo, I’m sitting in the chair when one of the hygienists comes over and tells me she read the book and really liked it. Always nice to hear.

Then she said, “My son actually used Only Son for his high school book report this semester.”


Naturally, I was flattered, but I was also apprehensive. If her son received a lousy grade… and she was holding sharp instruments…

Thankfully, she said her son did well, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Had he not, I assume I’d still be sitting in the chair, covered in blood and sweat. /snark