Only Son Reader Reviews

A smattering of reader reviews for my novel, Only Son.

“First, this book is quite worth your time. The crime is murder; the plot is solid; the investigation holds together; the characters are workmanlike; and the ending satisfies. A very sound entry in the world of police procedure.” – Dianna D.

“I found the story fairly easy to read, the characters are well developed (I liked the good guys, and disliked the bad guys), with some actual depth to them, rather than being one dimensional.” – Kenneth N.

“All I can say is: Read this book if you’re in to police procedurals. Seriously. While there are enough rough edges to remind you that these are first time authors, the plot and characters are very reminiscent of early Ed McBain, holding the promise of many more excellent books to come from these two.” – Ben B.

“I really enjoyed this book, and was thinking “Ed McBain” after the first few chapters. If you don’t know who he was, look him up. Great cop/crime novels.” – K. Wagner

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and await more from the authors. It was an “in the trenches” examination of a murder investigation by two likeable and more importantly, believable, characters.” – JT

“This writing team does a great job of bringing out the reality of a detectives job while introducing us to some interesting main characters. A couple of easy to overlook errors do not spoil at all from the story and I am looking forward to follow-ons!” – Andrew B.

“For a first book, ONLY SON was a good read. I loved it. I loved the relationship between Bell and Nicole. I didn’t solve it, but I rarely do. It was very believable, which is more than I can say for a lot of mysteries I read.” – Katherine M.

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  1. Boomerette

    This was a really enyoyable read!

    The humorous moments reminded me of Joseph Wambaugh’s novels.

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