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I Wonder Where She Gets It From?

punish kids

I haven’t posted about my family. Believe it or not, I am a pretty private person. Especially when it comes to my children. But Ms. Thang, my youngest child and the most likely to put me in an early grave, was in rare form this afternoon. Here is the story:

Ms. Thang, who has nominated herself the Family Fashionista, was wearing light blue leggings which were at least 2 sizes too small with royal blue underwear with hot pink polka dots. She does not always have great fashion sense. I made a sarcastically laced comment letting her know I could see her underthings and maybe, just maybe, she might want to change before she went out to play. Her equally sarcastic reply to her loving mother?

“You think? Whatever, Bratasaurus. You know that’s your name. Because you’re a brat and you’re, well OLD.”

There may be more stories about Ms. Thang in the future. God knows there is never a dull moment with her.

Congratulations, Princess P!

Kevin And Julia

My lovely Julia graduated from preschool last night – yes, they have a ceremony at a banquet hall – and she is just a summer away from kindergarten. It was a bittersweet moment for us because Julia’s director – Mr. Ed – Is retiring this year. Ed has taught Erik and Kevin, so we’ve been with him for years. It also marks the beginning of the end of full days with her. When I work nights, I never see the boys because they’re gone when I wake up and don’t get home from school until after I leave for work. I’ll miss Princess P.

That said, there will actually be a quiet house for a while…

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Carnies Built This Country!

Julia Christmas 2013

So last night we attended the annual carnival at the kids’ school. It’s always a great time – for them. For us, it’s all about keeping Kevin and Julia next to us at all times, making sure Erik doesn’t throw up on the Gravitron, and explaining (and re-explaining) the rules when he roams the carnival with his idiot friends. For the most part, we’ve handled the carnivals without a hitch.

Until last night.

We dressed for the 80+ degree day, but by 7pm, it felt like 40 outside. T-shirt and shorts weren’t cutting it, so we wanted them wrangled and ready to go by 8pm. I had an engagement at 8:30 – a friend needed help installing a World of Tanks mod – so I wanted to get out of Dodge quickly. We were all walking to get Kyle – of freakin’ course – when I looked around…

“WHERE’S JULIA?!!!” I screamed at Mrs. Earp. She frantically looked around and said, “Oh God!”

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Happy Birthday, Julia!

Julia 2013

Five years ago today, the Princess made her grand entrance into our lives. Our first girl. Our second redhead. Our third favorite. I’m kidding, of course. Everyone knows Julia is my favorite. I’m kidding again.

Julia is a terrific girl; full of life, very active, and always ready with a smile. That said, don’t let the angelic face fool you. She can be a handful. She has teenage attitude, and she gives out as much abuse to her older brothers as she receives. Last night, for example, she said to me, “Daddy, can you be quiet? I’m trying to watch TV!”


Today will be a day filled with presents, cake, and fun. It will also be filled with one parent, since I have to work tonight. I’ll be home in spirit, and I’ll get some Daddy/Daughter time tomorrow when we go ice skating.

Happy birthday, Julia! We love you!

Earp Ranch Happenings

Julia's Hair

Here’s how our last 48 hours have gone: My four-year old daughter thought her hair was too long. So, she grabbed a pair of scissors, hid inside her bedroom, and cut her hair. The results weren’t catastrophic, but as you can see above, she took a log off. Thankfully, the hairdresser fixed everything today. Her hair is about 5-6 inches shorter, but it looks much, much better now…

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On A Personal Note…

Thanks everyone, for allowing me to take some time off from the blog – even if it was only 12 hours. It’s been a long, difficult day (see below), compounded by the fact that Kyle was stuck home with a 104 degree fever.

For my part, I collapsed after I got home from the funeral, and slept until dinner. I think the stress of it all – and a terrible few weeks at work – finally hit me. I’m off until the 30th, and I fully expect to sit around and get myself rejuvenated.

Until then, here’s video of the girl, singing at the family Christmas party last weekend . . .

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Happy Birthday Julia!

Today is the princess’s fourth birthday. As such, she has mandated that she receive the following:

1. A pink princess cake. (She got that last night, courtesy of grandmom.)
2. Lots of princess toys. (She also got that last night at her family party.)
3. Daddy-daughter time. (She’ll get that, because I’m off today.)

I’m sure she has other demands, and she has 17 more hours to release them.

Happy birthday, Julia! We love you!

This Week On The Discovery Channel

This is Julia, my youngest child and only daughter. Like most kids, she’s usually not aware of her surroundings, but is alert enough to notice something out of the ordinary.

That talent was on display this afternoon, as we took a trip to Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA. We were walking back to the car through a wooded path. All of the sudden, Julia screamed. Most times, a Julia scream means she saw a bug. I looked at her, and she was pointing at the path.

What did she see? . . .

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Carnys Built This Country!

Well, the carny part of it anyway. The boys’ school has the carnival in town this week, and since the rains canceled Kyle’s practice, we took the kids there. It’s usually a good time, and Kyle and Erik spent the night going on every vomit-inducing ride in the place.

Unfortunately, Erik had to take a parent. Guess which one?

I was dragged onto the Gravitron and the Tilt-A-Hurl, then onto the Merry Go Round with Julia (above). Not the nest thing for a guy who gets vertigo rolling over in bed. Thankfully, I kept my lunch, and the kids had a terrific time. Now we’re good for another year.