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Turnin’ That Frown Upside Down

Taylor Kitsch Smiling

One of my partners in crime if having a rough go of things this week – and sadly for Mollie, it’s only Tuesday. She doesn’t want me to go into details – obviously, since she didn’t give me many – but if you could keep the kid in your thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Taylor Kitsch ScruffIn the interim, I figured I’d post some photos to lift her spirits. This is Taylor Kitsch, who played Michael Murphy in Lone Survivor, and Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I’m sure Mollie wouldn’t approve of my choice, just to be difficult, but it’s the thought that counts.

Hope you feel better soon, Molls.

Sexy Saturday 8

hot cop

I spend way too much time on Facebook. I need to get a life. I spend too much time reading about what other people are doing on their summer vacation. I should enjoy my own.

This post on Facebook helped me enjoy it just a little bit more. Officer Chris Kohrs is quite popular in the San Francisco neighborhood he patrols.  He is so popular that someone in the neighborhood created a Facebook page in his honor. He is known as the “Hot Cop of the Castro,” a gay community in San Francisco. I wonder why? Maybe because he looks hot in and out of his uniform?

In the article linked to his name, there is a picture that shows he is handy around the house. He is hanging a picture shirtless. Like that is really necessary? I’m not complaining, though.

I wonder what I would have to do to get arrested in San Francisco…

shirtless on the beach

Sexy Saturday 7


Jesse Pavelka. He is a former college football player, body builder and personal trainer. He has been working on a weight loss show in the UK. What a waste! Why wouldn’t a network/cable channel give him a show here in the USA? He is a good ol’ Texas boy. I did some research – purely for the purpose of maintaining my weight and getting to shape, of course. He will appear on NBC’s The Biggest Loser in the fall.

jessie-pavelkaFinally a reason to watch fat people work out. Was that too mean? I think it may have been but I am a previously plump person. I think I can say it.

He of course looks like he has never been fat in his life.

I wonder, if I told him he has a nice body, would he hold it against me? ;) Did you get that? I want him to wrap those muscular arms around me and press me up against his washboard abs. I just want to be clear.

Sexy Saturday 6


Mmm, Bradley Cooper. Another guy with pretty blue eyes.

Bradley Cooper tuxHe grew up in Jenkintown, PA, not too far from where I live. I have fantasies of bumping into him in a store when he is visiting his mother.

When I say bumping into him I mean literally bumping into him, rubbing myself against him and having an orgasm. That kind of bumping. ;)

He looks good shirtless, in casual clothes and hot in a tuxedo.

I have included a link to pictures from his upcoming film, American Sniper which is based on the autobiography of a Navy Seal Chris Kyle.

Bradley Cooper no shirt

Sexy Saturday 5.5 (Or Whatever)


This week is a World Cup player, Cristiano Ronaldo. He has been known to be generous with his wealth. Cristiano reportedly donated 50,000 pounds to cover the medical costs of a young brain cancer patient.

Christiano Ronaldo UnderwearSo he is a good guy besides being a hot guy. I am looking for depth these days not just shallow good looks…

Cristiano Ronaldo provoked a mixture of appreciation, bemusement and outright scorn when he unveiled his new haircut ahead of the World Cup match against USA on Sunday night.

The zig-zag pattern shaved into the side of his head made the Rio Report openly question whether it might rank among the worst haircuts in football history – a tall order, when you consider the competition, but still a fair question.

Yet according to a story doing the rounds on Twitter, the Portuguese striker’s go-faster-stripes weren’t a fashion statement, but a gesture of solidarity for Erik Ortiz Cruz, a young boy in Spain who recently underwent brain surgery that was paid for by the Real Madrid superstar.

Yummy! The things I’d do to him would surely earn me a red card.

Sexy Saturday Thursday 5


While I was home for my very short Spring Break I was flipping through the channels on the TV. I stopped at the History Channel. Yes, I actually like history. I am not always on the lookout for hot men. This time I got lucky; I found an historical show WITH a hot man!!! Travis Fimmel portrays Ragnar Lothbrok a Viking king in the show, with the obvious title, Vikings.

Shirtless Viking

Before acting, Travis was a Calvin Klein model. Yummy!!!

before vikings

Sexy Saturday 4

brad and george tux

On Friday the big deal all over “entertainment news” there was information regarding George Clooney’s wedding. Normally I would not have an interest BUT they mentioned who his best man may be – Brad Pitt.

I immediately had an image in my mind – Me (of course) walking down the aisle toward George, and when I looked next to George, there was Brad. Both looking fabulous in their tuxedos. Then I had a dilemma! Who would I walk to? In my daydream I was torn between the two. I’d rather just be between those two, if you know what I mean?

By the way, as a woman I find it depressing and unfair that men look better with age, and most women just look aged. :(

Brad Pitt Troy

Sexy Saturday 3

Cristiano RonaldoSince the World Cup started recently I thought it was appropriate to begin the weekend with some Soccer Studs. Honestly, I have no idea who these guys are.

Nor do I care.

I googled shirtless soccer players and this is what I got.

You would think since my children play soccer I would have more of an interest in the sport. Nope. Just my kids’ games.

If I had known that the players in the World Cup looked like this, I would have gone to the bar with the (very few) men I work with. I work with a large group of women with dirty minds – AKA sexy imaginations. You would think we would have been discussing this sport all school year.


There are more below…

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Sexy Saturday 2

Before you ask, yes I plan on continuing Sexy Saturdays throughout the summer. I need to keep the female readers coming back.


This week I chose to feature Mark Wahlberg. I could say I made my choice due to the movie Transformers 4 – which he stars in and will be released on June 19th – but that is not it at all.

Mark W underwearNope, the reason he made the top of my eye candy list this week has nothing at all to do with his acting career. I heard an old song on the way home the other day and I began to sing a long, loudly and quite badly.

To the embarrassment of my children I put the car windows down and sang, “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and The Funky bunch.

Next time, I am going to do this as I drop them off at school. Hahahaha!