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All Dressed Up And Everything To Show

Intimacy 2.0 DressSay what you want about the Dutch… or people from Holland… or the Netherlands; they know how to make guys happy. If it’s not the high-class, low-cost prostitutes, or trendy hash bars, it’s the dress which becomes invisible when a woman is turned on. Yeah.

If you blush easily, then wearing this dress may make you reveal far more than a red face. The Intimacy 2.0 dress, created by Netherlands-based Studio Roosegarde, turns transparent when the wearer is aroused.

Within the dress, tiny invisible sensors are able to detect changes in the wearer’s body temperature and heart rate. As the wearer’s heart rate and temperature goes up, the e-foils change color and transform into clear plastic.

Here’s the problem with this concept: it can never be worn around someone who is both dead sexy and an expert in the art of flirting. In other words, me. So come on, ladies; let me see if you’re beautiful… on the inside.

The Ice King

Benedict CumberbatchBritish actor Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the hottest stars around. So it’s not surprising people would bid on items in which he is featured. It is surprising when people would pledge good money to land a free magazine with Cumberbatch on the cover.

Followers of TV actor Benedict Cumberbatch have surpassed themselves by entering into an online bidding war for a copy of a free in-flight magazine which features the 37 year-old on its cover.

The latest issue of British Airway’s High Life – which is complimentary for customers of the popular airline – is currently selling for £30 on Ebay. The magazine, which is not on general release, shows the Sherlock star ice driving in Finland in a convertible sports car.

The current leading bid is one hundred zillion dollars, offered by Vicki. And interestingly enough, the guy was ice driving in Finland…

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I Love You, Cupcake

Cupcake ATM

New York City’s Sprinkles bakery has created the world’s first Cupcake ATM. I predict these things will sell like hotcakes!

New Yorkers, who live in the city that famously never sleeps, now can satisfy their craving for cupcakes in any of those endless waking hours. A 24-hour vending machine that dispenses gourmet cupcakes opened for business this week on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and locals are lining up despite the wintry temperatures for a taste.

At a price of $4.25 apiece, the cupcake choices include chocolate, coconut, red velvet, vanilla and lemon meringue.

$4.25??? Cripes, you could find a hooker in NYC who costs half that! (Or so I’ve heard.)

Something’s Hot In The State Of Denmark

Do It For Denmark

Guys, have you ever dreamed about mating a great Dane? Well, now they’re practically begging for it. We should oblige them.

Have sex to save the country. That’s essentially the meaning of the “Do It For Denmark” campaign sponsored by travel company Spies Rejser.

One of the ads frets that Denmark’s birthrate is not looking so hot these days and is at its lowest level in decades. The Washington Post helpfully confirms that Danish people aren’t making babies like they used to, but the travel company sees hope in the tougher-to-verify stat that Danes have 46 percent more sex on vacation.

Hence, the ad campaign suggests that Danes should get out more and get it on in a different locale for the good of their country’s longevity.

Yes, especially in public, with creepy camera-toting Americans around! I mean… oh, never mind.

A Brush With Greatness

Marjorie Vincent

Have you ever had a brush with greatness? A chance meeting with a sports star, or a moment where you grabbed your fifteen minutes of fame? I’m sure many of you have experienced something along these lines, and in the interest of good comments – and writer’s block – I’d like to hear about them. My brush with greatness came in 1991, when I was involved in an auto accident with the then-Miss America.

I posted about this back in 2005, but no one read the blog then. The original post is below.

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Anatomy Of An Anatomy Scene

Courtney Hicks Archer Illustrator

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed Archer art director Neal Holman, who explained the painstaking work which goes into creating a good animated love scene.

That is Courtney Hicks, one of our illustrators. They will go downstairs and get in costume and take photo references based on these storyboards. We’ll take several hundred photos per episode. The more complex and the more real world your designs are, the harder it is to fly off-the cuff without shooting reference.

We use the skeletons when we are setting the camera angles inside the 3-D software. Each environment in Archer is actually built into a 3-D model and once that 3-D model is built we can put our camera anywhere in it. We just use the skeletons as placeholders to make sure our frame is looking like our storyboard. It helps us see how close the character would be to camera and also gives you a sense of scale for the room. (H/TVicki)

Interesting. Here’s the final product.

Archer And La Madrina

This is pretty much how I envision what would happen every time I meet a female commenter. Meeting a successful author/blogger would surely make the ladies lose their self-control.

UPDATE: Welcome fellow Morons, and thanks to Maet for the linkage at The HQ.

Rumor Has It Arafat Buys His There

Diamond Armor SuitA Swiss company has crafted a stain-resistant, air-conditioned, bulletproof suit. Seriously.

[A] Zurich-based company known as Suitart has developed a men’s suit that combines a whole lot of [Bruce] Wayne style with an ample dose of “kapow!” It’s called “Diamond Armor,” and for good reason: the suit fabric is embedded with 880 black diamonds; the lapels and stitching feature an additional 600 black diamonds with a total weight of 140 carats; and the jacket buttons are made from steel embedded with even more black beauties – 280 to be precise.

So that’s got the Bruce Wayne extravagance covered. What about the Bat bling?

For starters, the suit is bulletproof. It uses technology invented by Croshield, a company that makes body armor and other bulletproof gear, to achieve what manufacturers say is a level II protection classification. According to the National Institutes of Justice, this level will protect the wearer from bullets fired from handguns ranging from 9mm pistols to .357 Magnums.

All that protection is obviously heavy, but fear not; the suit has built-in air conditioning. No, I am not making that up. The winner, for me at least, is this next little feature.

Oh yeah. The Diamond Armor suit also won’t need cleaning very often, thanks to the fact that its outer layer is created from a nanotech process that makes it waterproof and dirt resistant.

That’s beneficial for two reasons. First, a suit like this will draw in the ladies like a busty moth to a flame; so stain-resistance is a must. Second, if people are shooting you, there is a better-than-average chance you’ll wet yourself. Try explaining that to Popeye down at Four-Five-Six Laundry.

Why So Anonymous?


In the age of the NSA, many Americans are looking for a way to keep your private information, well, private. If you’re someone who desires the anonymity of The Joker, a British-based firm believes it can help you.

Following various reports about companies stealing information and complaints about oversharing on social media, a web hosting firm has created a nine-step guide on how to disappear from the web completely.

It includes deactivating accounts, removing links from search results and how to remove yourself from various lists – and for people who’d rather just stay hidden than disappear, the guide also gives tips on how to use the internet anonymously.

“Social media has made everyone’s life an open book – one that’s open a bit too far in some cases. For [people] concerned about their personal information potentially costing them jobs and relationships, the decision to ‘pull the plug’ is an increasingly attractive one,” said London-based WhoIsHostingThis (WIHT).

Of course, you could stop feeding people every personal tidbit of your private life – like the time I blogged about my genital warts* – but if you can’t bring yourself to do that, you can find more at the link. The process is understandably lengthy – that’s what she said – but worth it if you want to go dark… or at least dull gray.

*I’m kidding about the genital warts. I had them, but didn’t blog about them.

Wakin’ To Bacon

Bacon AlarmThere are few things more enjoyable than waking up to the smell of crispy, delicious bacon. Now you can experience that joy every single day…

Wake Up And Smell The Bacon is a dongle and corresponding app for smartphones that will soon be available by Oscar Mayer. It’s an alarm that wakes you with the smell of bacon. Just plug the little device into your phone, sync it with the app, set your alarm, go to sleep, wake up to the smell of bacon, but no bacon.

Okay, it’s a bit of a tease, but it’s still worth a plug.