Targeting The “Blame The Gun” Crowd

Arapahoe High ShootingThe artist formerly known as Captain America takes an extended look at some recent school shootings, and the “blame the gun” meme touted by liberals and academics. (But I repeat myself.)

His series is posted at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. There are links to each piece below. Here is a sample:

Gun control advocates like to use the “blame the gun” argument because it’s easy to demonize firearms and firearm owners. The National Rifle Association is a frequent target. Admittedly it’s tough to look sympathetic defending gun rights in the aftermath of a mass shooting. However, close examination of these massacres uncovers some ugly truths. Reducing such a complex issue to political opportunism and inaccuracies is disingenuous and dangerous.

You can read the rest of the article – a four-part series – by clicking here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

3 thoughts on “Targeting The “Blame The Gun” Crowd

  1. Jim Scrummy

    A good read. Unfortunately for a constitutional republic to survive, the citizens of the republic need to understand that they are responsible for their own personal security. I respect law enforcement, and have many friends in that profession. All are true professionals, and all are supporters of the 2A. But they can’t be everywhere, and I don’t want them on every street corner. Being a citizen in our Constitutional Republic, requires me to take up an individual responsibility (along with my wife) to provide our family’s personal security as best we can. Unfortunately, too many people in this republic won’t take up this responsibility, relying on others to do it for them, sadly.

    1. realwest

      Great comment Jim Scrummy. I agree that we can’t expect LE to be everywhere or available anywhere on a moments notice. But to be perfectly candid, we don’t NEED the Second Amendment to make that “legal”.
      Humans have the inherent right of self-defense. I believe that right is one which extends OUTSIDE the home as well as for “home defense”.
      Its a simple matter: YOU are responsible for your own health and safety. Yes, its good that we have the FDA the CDC and a FEW other State agencies and all, to try to protect us against that which we can’t reasonably be expected to know about. But each of us (over the age of 18) is in fact, in natural law, responsible to ourselves AND to Society at large to conduct ourselves as reasonable human beings. Crook, thugs and all choose to live Outside the Law and against those folks we each have the right and the responsibility to defend ourselves and other innocent people, with guns, or knives or anything that’s handy. None of this “Stand Your Ground” crap either; if you attack someone with the intent of doing them bodily harm, that person or a bystander has the responsibility and the DUTY to defend themselves or another innocent person.


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