Eater The Grate

Anthony Perrett Hippie

If you think American hippies are douchebags, wait til you get a load of this British prat.

A Greenpeace campaigner claims he was forced to live on bread and water while being held in a Russian prison because it didn’t offer a vegetarian alternative.

See, I could end this post right here and you would have everything you need to know about this jackass. The man – and I use that term loosely – was being held in a Russian prison and expected to see vegetarian delicacies on the menu.

But wait, there’s more…

You will not be surprised to find this wanker is the most pretentious of hippies: he’s a climate change activist.

Anthony Perrett arrived home yesterday after spending two months in prisons in Murmansk and St Petersburg for trying to hang a climate change banner on an oil rig. The former town councillor is one a group of environmental activists known as the Arctic 30 who were being held in Russia on hooliganism charges.

Since being released under a new amnesty law, the 33-year-old has revealed he refused to eat some of the food offered to him behind bars.

“All the prison food had low grade meat of unknown origin in it. I’m a vegetarian and I lost a lot of weight,” he said from his home in Newport, South Wales.

So Putin’s jackbooted prison guards actually offered this nancy-boy food, and Perrett refused it because it didn’t have leaves or a stalk. Are you kidding me? Worse still, this arrogant a**hole actually believed the shock troops gave a shite if he ate or not? F**k you, dude!

Perrett and his fellow activists were arrested on board the Greenpeace ship, Sunrise, by Russian authorities in September. He was originally charged with piracy but had the offence dropped in favour of hooliganism for his hand in the protests.

This is the problem with liberals today; they receive gift after gift – food, a lighter sentence, etc. – from a place not known for treating people well, and bitch and moan about how it wasn’t enough.

You. Were. In. A. Russian. Prison. Be thankful you escaped with your life and shut the f**k up.

12 thoughts on “Eater The Grate

  1. realwest

    “You. Were. In. A. Russian. Prison. Be thankful you escaped with your life and shut the f**k up.”
    That about says it all, Wyatt! And nicely put, at that!

  2. Dr. Evil

    We can only hope he is dumb enough to launch a protest in China or North Korea. Then he might be the low grade unknown meat in that prison food.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Sometimes I miss the old USSR…sometimes (about 0.00000000000001% maybe). Well, the d-bag under the ol’ Soviet Union would’ve been packed off to Siberia and probably never heard from again for oh maybe give or take 10 years. He’s stupid enough to do this stunt again, hopefully the Russkis will give him a minimum of 5 years. Yeah, see how being a “vegan” works out then.

  4. Jon Brooks

    It was probably 10,000 year old mastadon meat from the permafrost of Siberia. Or polar bear. Its good to see that mystery meat has finally left the confines of the school cafeteria.

    On another Russian note, and something our press would never condone let alone publish, the Russians are considering wiping out the entire families of the suicide bombers now as a means to curb the bombings. If of course they can figure out who they were. May I suggest mitochondrial DNA?

  5. John D

    Ever notice how countries where life is nasty, brutish and short don’t seem to produce a lot of hippies and “climate change activists?” It’s only the prosperous nations, the ones where most of the population is shielded from the harsh realities of life, where toads like this guy can be found in any significant numbers. Something to ponder . . .

  6. Heltau

    I would of liked to see that they were put to death. Then see if these people would have demanded that satan in the oral office save them. And see if he would or let them die like he did to the ones in benghazi.


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