You Gotta Have Faith


Smoking hot country music lass Faith Hill is one of many delicious NFL celebrity fans.

Fortunately for us mortals, the super humans that are NFL players also have some super human fans with different kinds of incredible talents. Well, you might not classify them as “talents,” but you get the idea.

So we all know there are a lot of good-looking NFL fans, but what about the best of the best? Rant Sports has taken the time (it was so tough) to put together a collection of pictures of the 20 hottest NFL celebrity fans. That’s right; these lovely ladies like football. I know, they sound too good to be true, right? Well, wait until you see them. They look too good to be true as well! It’s like the best of both worlds…sort of. (H/T – Rick)

Uber-hottie Faith hill is a Titans fan? So hot… yet so dumb.

6 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Faith

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Jenn Sterger was on that list? Wasn’t her 15 minutes up a few years ago when the Dongslinger texted pics of his junk to her? Unfortunately for her, she had to receive the texts of some creepy old grandfather.

    Anyway, Faith steppin’ out in some thigh high boots! YES!

  2. Staasch

    I am extremely pissed off this year because Faith Hill is no longer singing and stomping her opening song for Sunday Night Football. The new chick is not that bad but she cannot even closely compare to Faith. God Bless America!

  3. Wes S.

    Well, if Faith’s a Titans fan, she was really disappointed yesterday… ;)

    …Incidentally, IIRC, she and Lorrie Morgan teamed up to sing the national anthem yesterday, when the Titans hosted the Chiefs.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Metoo – She could do that by rooting for a decent team like the Texans.

    Jim – She’s a “celebrity” like I’m a good blogger.

    Staasch – I don’t know who the new girl is. She’s hot, but you’re right; she’s no Faith Hill.

    Wes S. – Wow, that’s a powerhouse of hawt.

    Dr. Evil – No, you’re sick because the Titans were routed. Heh.


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