Quaker State Of Confusion

Kevin Harden JrMeet Philly ADA Kevin Harden, Jr. Kevin is the pride of the DA’s office, and a protege of District Attorney Seth Williams. Sadly, he also spends his time interacting with the po-po… outside the courtroom

[F]ists started flying Oct. 11 inside the crowded Mad Mex bar and restaurant in University City, it was no laughing matter. A restaurant bouncer separated the “aggressor” and the man whom witnesses said he punched several times. At least two other men aided the aggressor in the Friday-night beatdown, the witnesses said. University of Pennsylvania police responded promptly.

But Mad Mex service manager Matt Park, who has worked at the eatery at 34th and Walnut streets since 2009, said he was surprised by what happened next:

Penn officers and the man whom Park described as the “aggressor,” Mad Mex regular and Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Kevin Harden Jr., greeted one another as if they were friends. He specifically recalled “Officer [Ben] Morrow, Badge 179,” as being most friendly to Harden, even after the prosecutor said, ” ‘I punched a guy.’ “

Imagine the money the city will save when Kevin prosecutes himself!

Harden, 28, of West Philadelphia, was hired by D.A. Seth Williams in October 2010 despite a checkered past that included seven arrests. His hiring did not sit well with some of his fellow assistant district attorneys, some of whom complained in several 2011 Daily News articles.

Seven arrests. Seven. Apparently that doesn’t disqualify him from being a Philadelphia prosecutor… or from getting preferential treatment from university rent-a-cops.

7 thoughts on “Quaker State Of Confusion

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Good ol’ hoodie Sethy, showing his leadership skillz with this hire. Next Sethy will be PhillyPA Mayor, run for govie, then prezzy! Good Times.


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