Only In Pennsylvania

Rent The Chicken

I don’t know what came first, the chicken or the egg. I do know the chicken rental came much, much later. Yeah, that’s right; I said chicken rental.

Many folks have considered putting chickens in their backyard to have fresh eggs, but have no idea whether the effort would be worth the investment. A couple in Pennsylvania have stepped in with a business called Rent the Chicken. They supply laying-age chickens, a coop, accessories, feed, and instructions from May to November.

Jenn Thompkins graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in business entrepreneurship, and the fledgling company serves residents of Armstrong, Butler and Indiana counties.

Can they be rented for bachelor parties? I guess there could be worse things than renting chickens; there could be a business dedicated to choking them.

5 thoughts on “Only In Pennsylvania

  1. JT

    That lady in the pic looks likes she’s ready to sumo-wrestle the chicken.

    And she looks more interested in a chicken dinner than a measly egg.

  2. proof

    Bachelor parties? You do know the difference between erotic and kinky, don’t you, Wyatt?
    Erotic uses a feather. Kinky uses the whole chicken.


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