You Spin Me Right ‘Round, Baby, Right ‘Round

Homer SImpson's BrainWell, tomorrow will be exactly one month since I contracted this vertigo nonsense. Last week, my family doc hooked me up with a steroid and heavy duty antibiotics. It seemed to do the trick. I’d say I’m about 75% of the way back to normal.

Today, I had a follow-up with the family doc and after hearing I’m still suffering slight dizziness, he sent me to the ENT doctor. The staff poked and prodded me – not in a good way – and did several tests on my ears. I’m having trouble with my right ear, and they think therein lies the problem. While the ENT doc agrees with every other doc I’ve seen (I have fluid from an ear infection), he wants to be absolutely sure.

So next week I’ll have the pleasure of sitting through an MRI… of my brain.

(Yeah, the tests will come back negative, hardy har har.)

The ENT doc said while he thinks I’ll bee back to 100% within the week, he wants to make sure there is nothing wrong with my wiring. Among the possible problems (in his words)? An Aneurysm, a lump, a tumor, MS, or a Ceti eelin my brain.

Okay, I made up the last one, but you get the point. I get to spend the next eight days worrying what the MRI will find. Hopefully, they’ll find the Lego I stuck up my nose in 1975.

12 thoughts on “You Spin Me Right ‘Round, Baby, Right ‘Round

  1. Dr. Evil

    I hope you feel better, especially with vacation looming. However it is VERY hard not to make fun of you getting brain scan…

    Nothing to worry about. I’ve had them. There were two wheels. Only one hamster. I can only assume one hamster ate the other.

  2. Jon Brooks

    Good to hear you’ll be at 100% in a week. Try not to be in the MRI when the sun flips its magnetic field though. It could happen any day now.

  3. Jay

    Try not to worry. Easier said than done I know but the fact that you are improving has got to be a good thing.
    Take it easy and here’s hoping that you are soon back to 100%.

  4. realwest

    Hey Wyatt! Don’t sweat the MRI – I’ve had lots of ‘em and they aren’t painful or anything like that. And whatever the results are, your doctor and you will be better informed than you were before and can take any corrective/preventative action required to get back on an even keel (didja see what I did there?!?) full time!
    Thanks for the update!

  5. Randal Graves

    Dude, you have to call me when you get a chance:

    1. I’m surprised that the ENT didn’t mention Meniere’s Disease (I’ve had it for about 5+ years now).
    2. I’m curious as to what type of poking and prodding that was done at the ENT. First, I went to a local ENT but when it wasn’t just some ‘normal’ problem, I went straight to PENN. They have one of the best ENT programs in the country. My first visit comprised of about 5 different tests over 3 hours that almost had me vomiting when I left because they were so intense.
    3. Brain MRIs are easy; I’ve probably had 15-20 (between brain and cervical spine) in the past 5 years. Consider it an hour long nap/rest while listening to the radio or a CD. The worst part of the MRI is hoping the tech is good at sticking you (if you need an MRI with contrast) and even that’s just a pinch.
    4. Worst thing – Lumbar Puncture. Now that hurts! Not to mention the headaches 2-3 days later!
    5. Really the worst thing – waiting to get the results from the doctor.

    I still get checked yearly for MS with 2 MRIs due to irregular brain MRIs in the past (white spots on my brain). Again, I go to PENN to see my neurologist (follow up this Monday, actually). Local doctors are good, but why not go to the best in the country/world when they are a short drive away.

    Give me a holler.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – I guess one of the rocks up there are out of place.

    AD – No, but I think that’s part of the tests I’m doing early next month.

    Jon – I HOPE I’ m 100% in a week. If it’s something more severe, I may not be. We’ll see.

    Jay – Thanks. I don’t have to hold my arm out while walking anymore. It was that bad.

    Real – I had one on my knee before. I actually fell asleep during it. I’d like to with this one, too.

    Randal – That sounds familiar. He may have mentioned it. Most of the first visit was hearing checks, pressure checks, etc. The other tests next month are supposed to be more intense and last a few hours.

    Toothy – Thanks.

  7. AJ Lynch

    Wyatt – sorry you are still not fully recovered. I know someone who took 3-4 weeks to get over it.

    And I can’t resist this opportunity to read the MRI results using a classic Stooges line “Definite evidence of vacancy of the cranium…almost totally unoccupied”.

  8. RogerDee

    I’ll put good money on the ear infection. I’m sure you’ll be back to your snarky, Christina lusting, Head soccer coaching self in no time.


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