They’re Baaaaack!


In the not to distant future, right about now A.D. I am sitting in a movie theater with dad, Uncle Ray, and my sister. Let’s dub her English Major. The long awaited return of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K to us “Misties”) has finally returned! In a live broadcast in theaters across the nation the cast of the show are reuniting to make fun of another sci-fi “B” classic. Mike Nelson (the Human), Tom Servo (the gumball machine) and Crow will once again be riffing a movie to my and many other people’s delight…

If you recall the show from the nineties, and judging by ratings no one does, you fondly remember a silhouette of movie chairs and the three characters mercifully making smart ass comments at whatever “B” sci fi/horror movie they were watching. The one liners were hilarious and some of the jokes took you a minute to get and then bam, they just kept on rolling. The show reached it’s peak popularity airing Saturday nites on Comedy Central, had a REAL movie in theaters, and then were picked up by ScyFy for another two years.

The show was at it’s best whenever they watched my beloved Godzilla movies or that terrapin pansy Gamera. This time around they will blasting a movie that is a guilty pleasure of mine: Starship Troopers. Can’t wait, will update when possible.

8 thoughts on “They’re Baaaaack!

  1. Cathy

    B movies are my favorite. Mystery Science made the B movies even better. Can’t remember how many times I’ve watched Star Ship Troopers. Life is good.

  2. Picky

    Mitchell has got to be the best episode ever.

    Also, my favorite line from the series, and I can’t even remember what movie it was except that it had a giant bug (like a spider maybe?). There was this one scene where these people were smacking the ground with pickaxes (possibly in a cave), and Crow says “All night plaque works on your teeth!”

  3. Dr. Evil

    Cathy–Starship was one of my favorites growing up! MST3K was just great.

    Picky–Hahahaha! I owned Mitchell on VHS!

    All–Last nite was one of the funniest nites of my life. I also learned that they do this event pretty much every two months and it is broadcast in AMC theatres. They go by the name Rifftrax now.

  4. Jon Brooks

    Glad they are back. I used to watch it before they were MSFT3K, I think they were MSFT2K or just MSFT…the years blur. I would love to see them do…Sharknado.

  5. Sally Anne

    That show was such an inspiration to me as a teen. I learned that my smartassery, wisecracking, and overall sarcastic nature was normal and acceptable. It changed my life.

  6. John D

    Love MST3K! Rifftrax is very cool. I still haven’t been to a live event, but I hope to someday.

    Also, Joel Hodgson, the creator and original host of MST3K, has his own crew of movie riffers. They go by the name Cinematic Titanic.

    Some of the CT movies are available free on Hulu.


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