The Band So Nice They Named Them Twice

Duran DuranApparently Saturday was Duran Duran Appreciation Day. Who knew (or cared)? Well, besides Vicki, who sent me the link.

Incredible that a band formed in 1978 still has a day dedicated to it… I guess it’s a time for reflection: where we have been, where we are now, and where we are heading. All questions that are open to debate, depending on which perspective you are coming from, be it fan, a critic or a member of the band.

And where are we at as I write this? Pretty well right in the middle of our 14th album, working a day at a time towards what we all feel will be a great record, very unlike the last and probably totally unlike the next, but one which will perfectly capture a moment in time that is located approximately 35 years after the formation of Duran Duran. And of course, what we must always remember is that the band would not be here, in any shape or form, without our loyal legion of ‘Duranies’ that still continue to inhabit Planet Earth.

So… thank you and here’s to another DD Appreciation Day! – Roger

I cannot believe I missed this; especially after I had my Members Only jacket and Z Cavaricci pants laid out!

7 thoughts on “The Band So Nice They Named Them Twice

  1. realwest

    Hi Wyatt! Wow, you’ve gone (on the blog, I mean!) from the lovely Christina to………..Duran, Duran. Just one more indication of the great breadth and scope of this great blog!!!
    Seriously, Duran Duran has made more money than I ever did and they came along at the same time MTV did, so the two were made for each other. And as someone who believes there is a lot of truth to “Video Killed the Radio Star” I confess that Duran Duran was never one of my favorite bands. Still and all, to still be together some 35 years after they started certainly indicates not only success, but apparently the joy and money they get from making music. So Congrats to Duran, Duran.

  2. Ferrell Gummitt

    When the band came out in the early 1980′s I really tried to like them. However, I could never stand then or today any band or performer where girls scream at them.

    These guys suck. They overmix their music I don’t doubt they lipsync their music live and their name comes from “Barbarella”, a Crappy Jane Fonda movie.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Her name is Rio?? A friend of mine (may he RIP), LOVED Duran Duran? I’ll admit I never got “it” about them. Didn’t hate, really just meh. Now Depeche Mode, Modern English, The Smiths, and few others of that era of my misspent yute, I still enjoy today. So do my kids when dad cranks the tunes in one of the Scrummymobiles…

  4. Smite A. Hippie

    Oh I also remember ‘A View to a Kill’ used in AFN TV commercials under the OPSEC campaigns back in the 80s in Germany.

    I’d have to go find it online somewhere if it’s even available, but from the back of my mind – They sampled parts of the song here and there and I remember there being a spy of some kind with sunglasses, and the window rolling down on a car.

    The core point of the commercials were basically to serve as a reminder of ones personal habits, actions, and how they acted when off base, that there were always watchful eyes from our foes.


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