Sharks on a Train!


“I’m tired of these mutha effing sharks on this mutha effing train!”

No jokes kids. In the bastion of culture and humanity that is New York City passengers last week were stunned to find a dead shark amongst the aisles of a subway train. It was really noticed when the shark began to stink over homeless people’s urine. No one knows how it got there, but it was likely the result of some schmuck leaving it there and not a Sharknado. If it was a sharknado, all of us are doomed…but at least we’ll see Tara Reid in skimpy clothing first.

New Yorkers, in a good sense of humor, started taking doctored pictures of the shark. My favorite is above where the shark is enjoying a Marlboro, Red Bull, and has a Metro pass in case it needs to switch trains. It was of course a dumb prank…OR WAS IT? Remember last week was Shark Week (not my ex’s period, the Discovery thing). If this was done by Discovery Channel to create more shark buzz than it is the cleverest marketing campaign since ever! Love it!

8 thoughts on “Sharks on a Train!

  1. Ranba Ral

    It only sat there so long because the NYPD guys assigned to protect the train locked themselves in the cab because it might be dangerous.

  2. realwest

    I gotta ask you Dr. Evil – did anyone see any Jets around (obscure reference to “West Side Story”) ?!? As someone who has adopted NYC (and especially Manhattan where I lived and worked for over 35 years) as my “hometown” I have to say that Shark didn’t stand a chance in the NYC subways; just not tough enough!

  3. Jim Scrummy

    See, this is what happens when sharks drink Big Gulps… Maybe the little napoleon tyrant is right? Nah.

  4. Dr. Evil

    Ranba—HEY! We suppor tthe fuzz ’round these parts!
    AJ Lynch–The more I think of it, the more I wish one would dorp down in the middle of my office!
    Realwest- Well…it was just a baby. The only Jets seen was a drunken Joe Namath…who is STILL a better QB than Sanchez. (And I absolutely get the reference, NICE)
    Old NFO: Apparently Shark fin soup is an Asian delicacy. Definetly want to try.
    JohnD–If Alice Eve and ScarJo wander by, they are being frisked. And by frisked I mean I will clumsly come onto to them…
    Scrummy–Sharks and Red Bull is the larger concern! Like a Great White needs to be hyper!


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