Hell Raiser

Hell On Wheels Season 3Apparently I am so out of the loop that I didn’t know last night was the Season 3 premiere of Hell on Wheels.

Thankfully, my TiVo does my thinking for me, and I was able to watch it, albeit late.

I won’t spoil anything for any HoW fans, but suffice to say, this season looks to be as good as the first two. The double-episode premiere was chock full of action, drama, and Cullen Bohannon. The second episode ended with a bit of a shocking scene, but as always, it was well-written and well played.

The premiere comes just in time, as Falling Skies’ season ended last week. Now it’s time to raise Hell.

11 thoughts on “Hell Raiser

  1. FenwayNation

    I still need to get caught up on the second half of Season 2…they didn’t have a day-long Hell on Wheels marathon like they’re doing with Breaking Bad are they?

  2. taylork

    I didn’t care for the first par of season 1 (despite the fact that Chief O’Brien was a main a character), it seemed way too slow to develop. What am I missing here?

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – You can watch the first season on one of your long flights to undisclosed locations. :)

    Fenway – Not that I saw. The series is getting shafted by being thrown to Saturday night. It’ll hurt ratings, which is a shame because it’s a great show.

    Taylork – Things got better in the second half, and last season was a barn-burner, IMO. There are times where I wish certain characters would go away, but overall, I love the series.

  4. AJ Lynch

    Fortunately, I can use On Demand to watch these two AMC series [Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels].

    Have you watched any of Ray Donovan ? How good is Jon Voight in that!

  5. Ranba Ral

    Don’t have to be under a rock to have missed it was coming. I didn’t see a commercial for it until the day before.

  6. FenwayNation

    **Mild spoiler alert** I should’ve seen the death of the new UP Police Chief coming (actually, I thought he’d last a few more episodes before something happened). Most the ‘tells’ from the 20th century buddy-cop movies were there- a prodigious love of coffee, talking about his numerous offspring and he seemed to be building up a rapport with one of the protagonists (Elam) before his demise.

    I though he’d last longer than a single episode, tho’

  7. Randal Graves

    Excellent episode. Loved the last 10 minutes.

    After a very slow Season 1, Season 2 ramped up nicely with an awesome last few episodes; Season 3 looks good so far!

  8. Easily Lost

    But where is Sharpton and Jackson, they’re using politically incorrect verbiage on that show!! Where is the outcry, and the rallies and the …. :P
    I have watched the show since the beginning, it’s pretty good. And some of the guys on it are Hawt!


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