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Prank Asiana Crew NamesThe next time some local newsie paints herself as a serious journalist, politely remind her she is simply a parrot reading words from a teleprompter.

During the midday broadcast on Friday, presenter Tori Campbell, announced that her news station, KTVU, had just learned the names of the four pilots who were on board Asiana flight 214 when it crashed at San Francisco International Airport. She then proceeded to read out four fake names from a teleprompter whilst keeping a straight face.

The names, which may have originated as a joke online, were apparently given to the station by an intern working for the summer at the NTSB.

The intern has since been promoted to NTSB Chairman.

8 thoughts on “This Week, On Crank Yankers

  1. AJ Lynch

    Wi tu lo !

    That was hilarious – I can believe it could happen here on channels 3, 6 or 10 since they regularly report on issues in which they are totally unqualified.

  2. realwest

    Assuming that the station DID attempt to verify the names with the NTSB, and that an intern at the NTSB provided that information, then it’s clear that the station isn’t ready for Prime Time ( yes, I do know that the on air “reporters” are more accurately called “news readers”, but SOMEONE WITH SOME DEGREE OF SMARTS is supposed to “edit” and verify the “news” BEFORE it goes on the teleprompter). It – again if true, simply showed how little regard a summer intern had for the truth and the respect of the intern’s employer and the Public.
    Send him/her back to repeat the ENTIRE sophomore year.

  3. Ingineer66

    First why the hell is there even an intern at NTSB? I thought we had the sequester.
    Second, KTVU used to be one of the more respected news stations. It is really sad what “journalism” has become.
    Third, SF/ Oakland has a huge Asian community. Of all places in the US for this to happen you would think they would know better.


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