Shenanigans Cost Beauty Queen $5 Million

Sheena Monnin Miss Pennsylvania

A former Miss Pennsylvania – of course – has been found guilty of defaming the Miss USA pageant, and its head, Donald trump.

The former Miss Pennsylvania who resigned after claiming the Miss USA pageant is rigged must now pay Donald Trump $5 million for defaming the organization he co-owns.

Sheena Monnin was a contestant in the Miss USA 2012 pageant before she appeared on national television claiming the beauty pageant organization chooses its winners ahead of time.

Trump subsequently sued Monnin. An arbitrator then ruled in favor of the Miss Universe Organization, awarding it $5 million in damages and stated Monnin’s statements ‘showed a reckless disregard’. This week, a judge affirmed that decision.

Look, if the contest is rigged, I understand her declaration of shenanigans. That said, she should have kept that declaration to herself, because once shenanigans is declared, they cannot be acted upon until Officer Barbrady recognizes the claim. Now, Sheena is out $5 million. Ouch.

6 thoughts on “Shenanigans Cost Beauty Queen $5 Million

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Mmmmm, nice fluffers, even if they are fakies… Well she’s off to pr0n. Girl’s gotta pay da’man!


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