Release The Hounds!

Clap Off BraAn enterprising mind has invented the Clap-Off Bra. Once this baby gets into the market, my hands will be perpetually sore.

It’s good to automate a few things in life. They make living a lot less complicated and add a level of sophistication to ourselves. However, when dealing with something as dependent as innerwear, we would like to be fully assured of the drawbacks that come with, well, automation, in that domain.

Behold the Clap-Off Bra, an ingenious bra that doesn’t need men to haggle with stubborn hooks to unleash their fantasies. Strangely though, when up on Kickstarter, the bra was a massive flop. Another report claims that the product is already on sale in Syrian markets.

Instructables’ Randy Sarafan shared instructions on how to make the one yourself.

Um… I gotta go… do research… for work. Or something.

6 thoughts on “Release The Hounds!

  1. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Proof – *golf clap*

    Old NFO – I wonder if it goes back on if you clap again?

    Rick – Nicely played.

    Jenn – That may be the model, not the bra. She looks a little too small to be wearing that bra.

    Formwiz – Heh.


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