Making Mountains Out Of Molehills

Meredith Barber Hooters

A Hooters waitress is claiming NFL QB RGIII sent her explicit texts… on his wedding day.

Meredith Barber, a Virginia Commonwealth University student and former Hooters waitress, has offered to sell the photographs, including one of Griffin allegedly exposing his penis, to a sports and gossip website.

The story began on Friday when Busted Coverage received an email from ‘Brandon K’, who had done a bit of Twitter sleuthing and discovered something fishy going on between Griffin, a young woman called Meredith Barber and William Mallow, one of Griffin’s groomsmen, dating to the night of Griffin’s wedding to Rebecca Liddicoat.

Barber repeatedly asks Kinsey to give her an idea of how much he’ll pay her for the photographs and screenshots. “Just give me an offer,” she writes. “Or I will shop it around.”

When [Busted Coverage editor] Kinsey tells her he can pay $500 for the images, she tells him the figure is ‘nowhere near’ what she’s after and cuts off communication.

See, that’s where she lost me. Throwing out a comment like that makes her look like a gold-digger, IMO. I like RGIII; he’s a terrific player and seems like a decent person. Anyone can make a mistake, but in this case, I think RGIII has a tad more credibility.

4 thoughts on “Making Mountains Out Of Molehills

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Caught a little bit of this on my Thursday commute home. It was the sportstalk scandal of the day. Since I live in the DC area, I just yawned and said, meh. Since I’m not a deadskins fan, no biggie. I just don’t get why people put athletes on a high pedestal. Athletes are just like me, they put their pants on one leg at a time.


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