Love Is Blindfire

Bullet Blossom RingThere are so many different ways to show your love. With this ring, you can tell her she is number one with a bullet.

It’s not often that you see a ring made from a bullet that you could see women wearing. These Bullet Blossom rings are just that. Bang and bloom in one. It’s the softer side of firearm ammunition.

The rings are made from Colt .45 ACP bullet casings that are cut and curled into a beautiful and unique rosette. They’re then soldered to an 18-gauge brass backplate. To top it all off, a Swarovski crystal in the color of your choice is inserted in place of the primer, trading its bang for some bling.

As a bonus, no cad would ever make a move on a woman wearing this!

6 thoughts on “Love Is Blindfire

  1. loaded dice in vegas

    Thanks Wyatt,
    Her Majesty just got one with an emerald green crystal.

    P.S., I think it’s cool………………

  2. realwest

    Waitaminute here Wyatt – why only get a ring like that only for HER – I want one for ME! Wonder what a .44Magnum ring would look like?!?

  3. L Frame S&W

    Just as an aside, here in the socialist republik of Taxachusetts, wearing one of these when you do not possess a valid LTC is a crime. Possession of any part of ammunition, even something as obviously unfireable (is that a word?) as this jewelery, and you can be arrested.


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