Living In The Lap Of Luxury

lingerie modelThe failed, bankrupt city of Philadelphia has disgraced itself yet again. Instead of collecting the millions owed the city from tax deadbeats, City Council secretly implemented a lap dance tax.

The form of interpersonal social contact known as the lap dance is subject to the city’s 5 percent amusement tax. Who knew? Not the “gentlemen’s clubs,” apparently. To lawyer George Bochetto, it is “financial desperation” and the city trying to tax the same thing twice.

Bochetto represents Club Risque and Cheerleaders, two of the clubs squirming under a new tax burden.

According to appeal petitions, Cheerleaders owes $486,482 and Club Risque owes $320,538. The city audited the lap-dance encounters, “then issued an assessment going back five years,” plus interest and penalties, Bochetto says.

That’s friggin’ ridiculous. Change the tax law, tell no one about it, then reassess and penalize a business going back half a decade. And they wonder why people are leaving the city in droves?

The strip clubs have the law on their side. Well, they would if they weren’t situated in the middle of a Democrat-run shithole.

[Bochetto's] best argument is this language from the Philadelphia Code about the amusement tax: “Imposed upon the admission fee or privilege to attend or engage in any amusement.” The key words are “admission fee,” and the $20 the customer hands the dancer is not an “admission fee.”

Unless that fee is used for admission into the stripper’s pants…

8 thoughts on “Living In The Lap Of Luxury

  1. Jim Scrummy

    It’s just as bad in DC with their “living wage” bill aimed at WalMart. WalMart has said it won’t build the stores in economically depressed areas (Anacostia and New York Ave., NE) if this bill becomes law. Stupid dhimmis, it’s a disease that can’t be cured.

  2. Jon Brooks

    Obviously the woman in the photo panel must be very depressed about all of this Wyatt. If you could email me her address I’ll go over and comfort her. Give me a minute though to grab my chair and a stack of singles.

  3. RogerDee

    If she is giving the lapper, I’ll gladly pay the tax. And an extra 20 for a couch dance. Just remember boys and girls, there’s no sex in the champagne room!!!

  4. RogerDee

    BTW- there seems to be a stripper theme to the blog these days. Friend of yours getting married soon Wyatt?


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