Doughnuts: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

Chief Wiggum DonutsSo you want to know how the “Cops love doughnuts” meme began? Read on:

As more police departments began using patrol cars, doughnut shops such as Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts, founded in 1937 and 1950 respectively, began cropping up around the nation. Until the 1950s, most police officers had worked foot-beats. Motor vehicles not only provided police with better surveillance and mobility, but also incentive to patronize local businesses.

To meet the demand of the morning rush, doughnut shops operated at night—the same hours as police were working the graveyard shift. Officers would visit the doughnut shops to grab a cheap late-night snack, get a caffeine-filled cup of coffee, or fill out paperwork in a comfortable environment. The presence of police during the late-night hours provided security for shop workers. This symbiotic relationship gave rise to the popular conception of cops being addicted to doughnuts. (H/T – Rick)

It also helps that they’re so sweet and tasty…

6 thoughts on “Doughnuts: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?

  1. realwest

    Hey Wyatt!! I notice it said “This symbiotic relationship gave rise to the popular conception of cops being addicted to doughnuts. ” It DIDN’T say the popular MISconception of cops being addicted to doughnuts”.
    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with doughnuts, although they are more properly spelled “donuts.”

    Oh, well, doughnuts or donuts they still taste just as fine (this is being sent to you from the land where “Krispy Kreme” donuts were originated – and until you bite into a freshly baked, glazed sugar Krsipy Kreme donut, you haven’t had a REAL donut!!*).
    *waiting patiently for my check from Krispy Kreme.

  2. metoo

    Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t bad either. Let’s face it, fried dough with sugar, glaze, frosting, filling in and/or on it who can turn that down?

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Well according to my onetime ex-girlfriend from Argentina (pre-2000s), all the cops there hung out at the pizza shops in Buenos Aires. In ‘Murica is donut shops. I had my first donut in 6 weeks at Mom Scrummy’s over the weekend, almost threw-up afterwards. That happens when you eliminate white flour from your diet (and cut down on sugar).

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – I prefer to spell it “Dog nuts.”

    Roger – As long as it’s not the dreaded “Soul Donut,” we’re good.

    Metoo – Vanilla frosted, for me.

    Jim – Yeah, I can’t hang with fast food much anymore, either.


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