23 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. Richard D.

    Barry and Vlad have a regretful moment after making an awkward sex joke about Hillary. The image in their mind has left them stunned speechless.

  2. John D

    War was averted when the leaders of the two nuclear-armed superpowers elected to decide their disagreement over Syria with a sulk-off.

  3. David W.

    Seriously though, has anyone else noticed they look like 12 year old’s on their first date?


    Obama: Planned Safari in Africa with dozens of military sharp shooters to shoot any animal that got too close to him.

    Putin: Shot a 77 thousand pound animal with a cross bow while standing in a dinky raft off the coast of Siberia.

    Thank god the cold war is over!

  4. rudytbone

    Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin react after getting confirmation that Hillary Clinton’s dick is bigger than both of theirs; combined.

  5. deadcenter

    Body language: The lamb angles the body away from the wolf, preparing to flee. The wolf lounges, conserving his energy until he will pounce on his prey. We leave it to the readers to decide who’s who.

  6. formwiz

    Vlad: You dare oppose me? How shall it be done?

    Like Kennedy? The real Americans might get mad

    Like Trotsky? Too messy

    Out the window like Masaryk?

    Choom: Doot do do do doot

  7. Jon Brooks

    Obama: “To bad we couldn’t let our people take care of this. Yours are dead, mine are in jail.”
    Putin: “Da.”

  8. MelP

    You know that awkward moment when you first meet that blind date & realize you have nothing to talk about???


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